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embark Did You Know? What’s early bag-check? This service from US Airways lets you check your bags at select locations and receive your boarding pass before going to the airport. The airline has partnered with Bags Inc. to offer early bag-check at Walt Disney World Resorts, select Las Vegas hotels, several cruise lines, and locations throughout Anchorage, Miami, Phoenix, and Seattle. Explore the Bags Inc. website at and visit the Airline Check-In section to find out if your hotel, convention center, or cruise line offers early bag-check. ? News, Notes, and Inflight Insights How does the airconditioning work? The air-conditioning system on a plane works hard, especially during summer, to keep the air in the cabin at a comfortable temperature. All cabin air comes from the engines, which compress outside air and then push it into the air-conditioning unit. The unit cools, filters, and then pushes the air into the cabin through ducts near the overhead bins and vents above your seat. Every three to five minutes, the air is drawn out of the cabin and refreshed with clean air from the air conditioner. What’s airplane mode? ★ where’s my bag? illustrations by nigel holmes US Airways now offers Track Your Bags, which lets you follow the progress of your luggage from check-in at the ticket counter to arrival at your final destination. Visit to get real-time information for your checked luggage. At the website, enter your last name and the bag tag number or the confirmation code from your baggage claim ticket. Most smart phones and mobile devices have a setting known as airplane mode. This setting prevents the device from sending and receiving calls, texts, emails, and performing other functions that require wireless signals, which can interfere with the plane’s instruments. On many devices, you can still listen to music, play games, watch videos, and check your calendar in airplane mode. Flight attendants will make an announcement when it’s OK to use approved electronic devices. juNe 2013 11

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US Airways - June 2013
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Hot Spots: Best Outdoor Music Venues
Hub Crawl: Los Angeles International Airport
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Diversions: Beer Gardens
Great Escapes: Hard Rock Hotels
Great Escapes: Universal Orlando Resort
Diversions: Seven Super Spas
Adventure: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Maine
Golf: Billy Casper
Gear Up: Family Games
Travel Feature: The Lure of the Lake
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Must Read: Color Blind
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US Airways - June 2013