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explore Must Read An excerpt from a Great new Book A Field of Dreams For a short time in the 1930s, one of America’s best baseball teams played in Bismarck, North Dakota. The story of this rare collection of black and white players is a fascinating tale of hopes, dreams, and a depressed America, when money was scarce, racial equality was nonexistent, and baseball was a salvation for both players and fans. Color Blind is the first book from journalist Tom Dunkel, whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, and in commentaries for National Public Radio. Tom prepared this adaptation for our magazine. —Lance Elko, Editor ★ The theme of the 1933 world’s fair in Chicago was “A Century of Progress.” So much to see: Miracle Whip dressing dispensed by Kraft Food’s newly patented “emulsifying machine,” pink-cheeked babies snoozing in incubators, a Televisor contraption that displayed moving pictures beamed from remote locations. The glimmering future was embodied by Willie the Robot, who on command would stand up, sit down, shake hands, and even smoke a cigarette. Unfortunately, at day’s end fairgoers had to leave behind those wonders and return home to the reality of a country mired in the Depression: leftovers again for supper and unpaid bills piling high. One in four Americans had no job in 1933. An editor at the Chicago Tribune decided his fellow citizens needed a pick-me-up. He proposed a midsummer exhibition be held in conjunction with the world’s fair in which the best baseball players from the American and National Leagues would do battle. On July 6 Comiskey Park hosted a special “All-Star Game” and 47,595 people purchased tickets. The American League prevailed 4-2, thanks in part to a two-run homer swatted by the New York Yankees’ irrepressible Babe Ruth. Having surpassed the rosiest of expectations, the All-Star Game became an annual affair. Three weeks later, 20-year-old Quincy Troupe boarded a tiny single-engine airplane at Chicago Municipal Airport. He had never been on a plane before. A friend recommended “a stiff highball” to ease his jitters. Troupe had never taken a drink of alcohol before. Anxiety trumped his Christian upbringing and he sipped a pre-flight cocktail. Adaptation from Color Blind by Tom Dunkel published with permission of author and Atlantic Monthly Press. Copyright © 2013 by Tom Dunkel. june 2013 185

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US Airways - June 2013
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Hot Spots: Best Outdoor Music Venues
Hub Crawl: Los Angeles International Airport
Wine & Dine: Infused Spirits
Great Tastes: B.B. King's Blues Clubs
Diversions: Beer Gardens
Great Escapes: Hard Rock Hotels
Great Escapes: Universal Orlando Resort
Diversions: Seven Super Spas
Adventure: Sebasco Harbor Resort, Maine
Golf: Billy Casper
Gear Up: Family Games
Travel Feature: The Lure of the Lake
US Airways: All in the Family
Chefs Tell: Sea Fire Grill
Charlotte, NC
Special Section: Los Angeles Arts
Must Read: Color Blind
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US Airways - June 2013