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explore Wine & Dine Taste, Savor, enjoy Sweet Harmony Infused cocktails from creative mixologists have raised the bar. But the proof is in the tasting. By nick Passmore There they sit in pride of place on the back bar of the Motor Supply Company Bistro: half a dozen large, mismatched jars with handwritten labels and strange things floating inside them. Incongruous ugly ducklings, they impudently share space with glamorous name brands like Grey Goose, Tanqueray, and Ketel One. What’s going on here? What are these strange concoctions that look like apothecary jars from a Harry Potter movie set, and why do such homely displays earn prominence in this cutting-edge and thoroughly chic restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina? For an answer I turned to Joshua Streetman, head bartender. It turns out that these strange exhibits are part of a growing trend in stylish restaurants: home-infused spirits. “We were looking at all these flavors lying around the kitchen,” Streetman explains. “A lot of this stuff is pretty good, and a lot of the flavored vodkas are not really that good, so we decided to make our own.” They started with a bacon-infused vodka for use in their Bloody Marys. They were already smoking their own bacon, so Streetman figured he’d try to ★ photos (clockwise from top) by Jeff kauck/getty, purestock/alamy, and courtesy of a voce Clockwise from above: virtually anything can be infused; fruits are favorites; and A Voce in new York City meld swine and vodka. “Bacon in general is a big thing in the South, so it works out pretty well for us.” The result is a meaty, smoky, textured vodka. It’s not something you necessarily want to drink on its own, but in different applications it’s a success. Of special note is the Owner’s Choice Bloody Mary, a combination of three different infused vodkas: smoked bacon, tamarind, and pepper. The drink was greeted enthusiastically by June 2013 19

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US Airways - June 2013
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US Airways - June 2013