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the smart

By Lynn coulter

For cooking and serving,
these tools are your friends.

Bowled Over
Eco-conscious cooks appreciate kitchen tools fashioned from bamboo,
an economical and abundant alternative to trees. Island Bamboo uses
moso bamboo, which is not consumed by China’s endangered giant
pandas, to create beautiful, earth-friendly cutting boards, spatulas, salad
tongs, and more. The lightweight, oblong hue Bamboo bowl in Dark
Green, Simple Orange, or Vibrant Red serves hot or cold foods. Available in different sizes. $15–$49

Don’t Cook the Books
Oops — watch out for that battersplatter when your cookbook is
near the mixer. Here’s a tip to avoid
this kind of mess. Read your recipes
from your iPad, docked safely out of
the way in a three-piece WilliamsSonoma Smart Tools set. A stand
holds your tablet horizontally or
vertically in four different positions,
and a removable screen shield
protects against accidental splashes.
Use the Bluetooth speaker in the
base to listen to music, catch a cooking video, or chat while you sift and
stir. $200


march 2013

Bubble Up
It’s amazing how
bubbles invigorate a beverage.
We’re not talking about effervescent bubbly
that tickles your
nose and taps
your wallet. With a Sodastream home
Soda maker, you can infuse ordinary tap
water with fizz and flavors that duplicate
your favorite sodas. Omit the flavoring and
you’ve got refreshing sparkling water.
Choose from over 60 syrups that taste like
leading regular and diet drinks. The soda
maker is available in a variety of styles, colors,
and features. (Sodastream also offers reusable
bottles.) From $80

Triple Duty
Sharp blades make quick work of kitchen
chores, but knives and peelers that roll
around in drawers are dangerous for harried
chefs who reach before they look. The
Prepara Trio Peeler has three surgical steel
blades nested in the gadget’s handle, so your
fingers are safe when you’re grasping for the
tool. Use the serrated “soft” blade for tomatoes and peaches, the “hard” one for apples
and potatoes, and the julienne peeler for
carrots. A carbon steel paring knife is included with the peeler. $15

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