US Airways - March 2013 - 6

CEO Letter


Thank You for
Flying With US

Upgrading Our Fleet

Spring will soon
be here, and I know
many of you traveling today
are looking forward to
leaving the cold weather
behind. The coming season
is a time of renewal, and at
US Airways we are continuing to renew our fleet to
provide you with a more
pleasant travel experience.
This year, we will take
delivery of 16 new Airbus
A321 aircraft. US Airways
is the world’s largest operator of Airbus aircraft,
and these planes, just like
the ones we acquired last year, will continue to
replace our older Boeing 737s. The A321s are
not only larger, but also more comfortable and
fuel-efficient. We’ll also bring five more wide-body
Airbus A330-200 aircraft into our fleet this year.
If you’ve ever purchased a new car, you know
how demanding the process can be. If you think

US Airways auctioned off a trip to Germany for employees to pick up a
new Airbus A321 as part of the airline’s United Way fund-raising efforts.


MARCH 2013

that’s hard, try buying a brand-new plane. Many
departments at US Airways assume a role in the
purchasing process before the bill of sale is handed
over. From our finance team to our flight crews to
our maintenance group, our hardworking employees lend a hand to help bring new members of our
fleet from construction to the gate.
Our team starts the process of acquiring a new
aircraft three to four years in advance. The parts
used to build an Airbus come from manufacturers
around the world, while major structural assemblies for each plane are built throughout Europe.
Once finished, they’re shipped to a final assembly
line for construction.
US Airways has a team that oversees inspections throughout the construction process.
From window shades to seats, our employees thoroughly examine every component of the aircraft
to ensure it’s in pristine condition for delivery.
Just as you would test-drive a car before purchase,
US Airways and Airbus technical personnel and
test pilots take the plane on a rigorous test flight.
After the aircraft goes through its inspection and
acceptance flight, it’s ready to become part of the
US Airways fleet.
Last summer, as part of our annual Hope
Takes Flight campaign to benefit the United Way,
US Airways auctioned off a unique vacation
experience to Hamburg, Germany. That package
included a VIP tour of the Airbus factory and a
flight home to the States aboard a new A321 before
it entered into regular service. I take great pride in
saying that the 38,000 employees of US Airways
and our wholly owned subsidiaries, PSA and
Piedmont Airlines, raised nearly $1.5 million last
year for the United Way.
From all of us at US Airways, thank you for
flying with us today. We hope to serve you again
soon on another flight.

Doug Parker
Chairman and CEO

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