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Fleet and Customs & Immigration engage CUSTOMS & IMMIGRATION Boeing 737-800 Boeing 777-200 ER and -300 ER Number in Fleet: 58 B777-200 Seats: 247 B777-300 Seats: 310 Number in Fleet: 231 Seats: 150 Boeing 737-400 Number in Fleet: 13 Seats: 144 Airbus A330-200 and -300 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Number in Fleet: 22 A330-200 Seats: 258 A330-300 Seats: 291 Boeing 767-300ER Number in Fleet: 153 Seats: 135 Embraer 190 Number in Fleet: 58 Seats: 214 Number in Fleet: 20 Seats: 99 Embraer 170 and 175 Number in Fleet: 82 Embraer 175 Seats: 76 Boeing 767-200ER Number in Fleet: 12 Seats: 168 Seats: 204 U.S. Customs Declaration Form Prior to arrival, each traveler or head of family must provide information concerning goods/gifts that have been acquired abroad. Complete items 1 through 15 and include your signature and the date written as Day/ Month/Year at the bottom of this form. U.S. residents are normally entitled to a duty-free exemption of $800 on those items accompanying them into the United States, while non-U.S. residents are normally entitled to an exemption of $100. ç Embraer 170 Seats: 69 Embraer 175 Seats: 80 Need Your I-94 Admission Number? Go to Embraer RJ145 and RJ140 Boeing 757-200 Number in Fleet: 187 Embraer RJ140 Seats: 44 Embraer RJ145 Seats: 50 Welcome to the United States Number in Fleet: 110 Seats: 176-184 CBP Publication Number 0228-0612 (07/12) Bombardier CRJ900 Number in Fleet: 51 Seats: 76-79 Seats: 176-190 ç Bombardier CRJ700 Airbus A321 Number in Fleet: 61 Seats: 63-65 Number in Fleet: 108 Seats: 102 Seats: 67 Seats: 187 Bombardier CRJ200 Airbus A320 Number in Fleet: 138 Seats: 50 Number in Fleet: 68 Seats: 150 Seats: 50 Airbus A319 Number in Fleet: 108 Seats: 128 Seats: 124 118 MARCH 2014 Dash-8 100/200 and 300 Number in Fleet: 39 Dash-8 100/200 Seats: 37 Dash-8 300 Seats: 50 I-94 Form Arrival/ Departure Card U.S. Customs and Border Protection no longer requires customers holding a visa for the USA to complete the paper I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. If your employer or local, state, or federal agency requires an I-94 for verification purposes, go to after your arrival to obtain an electronic copy of your I-94 admissions record. Please ask your immigration officer for more details.

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US Airways - March 2014
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Wine & Dine: Irish Whiskey
Connections: Everybody's Business
Great Escapes: Manchester, England
Great Escapes: Lisbon, Portugal
Adventure: Skiing in Alyeska, Alaska
Style Spotlight: Tee Time
Diversions: It's Just Lunch
Golf: Five Great Resorts
Gear Up: Going Green
Travel Feature: Winter Park, Florida
US Airways Feature: The Sky Is the Limit
University Spotlight: University of Dayton
Great Resorts: Phoenix
Special Section: Atlantic 10 Conference
Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery
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US Airways - March 2014