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Captain Lucy Young inspects an Airbus A321 Sky The T Is the Limit his year marks agents; engineers; maintenance Women have helped shape the centennial technicians; and airport and commercial aviation into an of the birth of corporate managers. industry that generates more commercial Although women have had aviation. Since their wings since 1908 when than $2.2 trillion in economic that first flight France's Therese Peltier became activity annually. on January 14, 1914 - from St. the first woman to pilot an airPetersburg to Tampa, Florida, By Michelle Mohr | Photos by Brian Gomsak craft, they were mostly limited with just a single paying customto flying private planes. Women er - the industry has grown to later gained full access to miliconnect more than eight million tary and commercial flight decks travelers each day with people and places all over the world. but still represent a small percentage of commercial air transFrom the early days of commercial flight, and despite port pilots in the U.S. restrictions and discrimination, women have played a critical Among them are US Airways' Aja Vogel Williams and role in the industry. They now hold positions as flight attenCapt. Lucy Young. Williams and Young both started their dants; pilots; customer-service, fleet-service, and reservations careers with the airline in the 1980s, and their work helps Ô×║ MARCH 2014 55

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of US Airways - March 2014

US Airways - March 2014
Table of Contents
Perspective: CEO Letter
From the Editor
Making It Happen
Wine & Dine: Irish Whiskey
Connections: Everybody's Business
Great Escapes: Manchester, England
Great Escapes: Lisbon, Portugal
Adventure: Skiing in Alyeska, Alaska
Style Spotlight: Tee Time
Diversions: It's Just Lunch
Golf: Five Great Resorts
Gear Up: Going Green
Travel Feature: Winter Park, Florida
US Airways Feature: The Sky Is the Limit
University Spotlight: University of Dayton
Great Resorts: Phoenix
Special Section: Atlantic 10 Conference
Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery
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US Airways - March 2014