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embark Making It Happen Behind the Scenes of your Flight One Job at a Time We follow a shift by US Airways machinist Tod Marshall in the Pittsburgh heavy maintenance hangar. By Tara Titcombe ★ 2:30 p.m. Tod arrives and 12 may 2013 so Tod uses a lathe to make one out of stainless steel. 6:15 Tod is now ready to finish the job. He brushes alodine, a protective coating, onto the fitting. He applies sealant to the new bearings and then freezes them in liquid nitrogen. The freezing causes the bearings to shrink, which makes them easier to install into the fitting. Tod has to move quickly once the bearings are removed from the liquid nitrogen. He threads the bushing and bearing into the fitting and then waits for the bearings and sealant to return to room temperature and expand. Then he tightens the assembly a bit more. He cleans off the extra sealant with alcohol. 7:00 Tod gathers up all the tools, heads back to his area, and enters the completed job into the system. Then it’s on to the next task. Above: Tod marshall in the machine shop, making parts photos by david aschkenas checks a computer system for jobs that need completing. The system displays the aircraft in the hangar, the work that has been done, and the work that’s still needed. 2:50 Two worn bearings need changing on an Airbus’s aileron actuator. Tod determines what supplies he’ll need to do the job. 3:00 He takes the paperwork for the job to the stock module desk in the hangar. The desk then gives him the new bearings and the tools to check out. 4:15 Once all the parts, tools, and paperwork are checked, Tod enters specifics into the computer’s job clock. Every job is tracked by how many hours each person spends on it. 4:20 Sitting on a piece of cardboard under the Airbus’s wing, Tod carefully pops out the two old bearings. He cleans the fitting with a plastic scraper to ensure there is no corrosion or damage. 4:45 An inspector is alerted to review the prep work and give the OK before Tod installs the new bearings. 5:12 After a quick break, Tod gets the approval from the inspector. To start the job, he assembles everything he’ll need, including rubbing alcohol, sealant, a new tool kit, and liquid nitrogen. 6:10 The tool kit doesn’t have a bushing that fits,

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US Airways - May 2013
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US Airways - May 2013