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Did You Know? embark What are News, Notes, and Inflight Insights TAIL NUMBERS? Quick Tips è Global Entry, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program, lets preapproved travelers go through an expedited security lane. Apply at # ILLUSTRATIONS BY NIGEL HOLMES Officially known as registration numbers, tail numbers are assigned to every aircraft and registered with the FAA. The number is a unique identifier, much like a vehicle’s license plate. In the U.S., all tail numbers begin with the letter N. Most US Airways aircraft are registered with the letters US at the end, following the N and a specific three-digit number. “A few years back, we redid all of our tail numbers,” says Joe Maloy, director of aircraft acquisitions. “We assigned numbers depending on fleet type because we wanted our tail numbers to identify the type of airplane.” For example, all US Airways Airbus A330s have a 200-series tail number (such as N277US) and all A319s have 700- and 800-series numbers (N746US). Maloy and his team manage the tail numbers when the airline acquires new planes. “We reserve numbers with the FAA in advance,” he says. “We then inform Airbus — so they can paint it on the aircraft — what the tail number will be for a new plane about six months before we take delivery.” Despite the name, the tail number doesn’t actually appear on the plane’s tail. Instead, it’s painted on the nose gear door, near the aft cargo door, and on the rear section of the fuselage. How can I become a Preferred member? ? You’ve probably noticed US Airways Dividend Miles Preferred members while traveling. They’re usually the ones boarding first and getting upgraded. If you want to see what the program is all about, check out the airline’s Trial Preferred program. You can buy a 90-day membership and even choose a specific Preferred level. Sign up at and start taking advantage of Preferred member benefits. You’ll enjoy priority security and boarding, complimentary upgrades, and more. Does US Airways have an app? Yes! The recently released US Airways app is available for iPhone and Android. The app lets you book, check in, and find your flight status. You can also organize your trips, store all of your boarding passes, email trip info to family and friends, and pay for your checked bags or a ChoiceSeat. If you’re a Dividend Miles member, you can log in with your membership number to access your account. To learn more about the app and other travel tools, visit NOVEMBER 2013 11

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Great Escapes: Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg
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Travel Feature: Madrid, Bite by Bite
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US Airways - November 2013