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explore Must Read An excerpt from a Great new Book Step by Step Reading almost like a memoir, Running Like a Girl chronicles the author’s transition from a lifestyle of barhopping and lots of sofa sitting to one of a healthy, active state of being. Alexandra Heminsley, a London resident and contributing editor to Elle, describes in painfully honest and laugh-out-loud prose her quest for transformation. Her detailed description of her old self (“Running is awful. It feels unnatural, unnecessary, painful.”) to her new (“Hey, do you have that application form for the London Marathon?”) is engaging from start to finish. Running Like a Girl is in bookstores now. —Lance Elko, Editor ★ It’s the most natural thing in the world. We were born to run. You just put on your shoes and head out the door, that’s the beauty of it. It’s just you, the road and your thoughts. These are the things that people say about running. These are lies. Running is awful. It feels unnatural, unnecessary, painful. It can hijack you with breathlessness, cripple you with panic and overwhelm you with self-consciousness. It isn’t a warm fire or a deep sofa or a cup of tea and a smile. It is cold and hard and unforgiving. But it is also the pleasure of being outside on a 138 novemBeR 2013 sunny day, feeling the prickle of the sun on your skin. It is the delight of feeling your body temperature rise despite the crisp winter breeze against your face. It is feeling blood rush around every part of your body and coming home to a welcoming bath and a delicious curry, your skin still glowing an hour later. And, as I have learned, it is also an honor, a privilege, and a gift. But before I get to the “gift” part I want to tell you about the hard beginning. When I began, I too was repulsed and intimidated by the beatific smiles and radiant smugness of the determinedly Sporty Types. For years, running seemed a punishment — yet Copyright © 2013 by Onion Publications Limited. From the book Running Like a Girl: Notes on Learning to Run by Alexandra Heminsley published by Scribner, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Printed by permission.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of US Airways - November 2013

Table of Contents
CEO Letter
From the Editor
Did You Know?
Making It Happen
Hot Spots: A Caribbean Christmas
Hub Crawl: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Wine & Dine: Mead
Wine & Dine: Smith & Wollensky
Wine & Dine: Silver Oak Winery
Style Spotlight: Holiday fashion for men and women
Great Escapes: Nova Scotia
Great Escapes: Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg
Adventure: Cyclocross
Adventure: Wandering Manhattan
Gear Up: Time, Space, and Labor Savers
Travel Feature: Madrid, Bite by Bite
Carolinas Aviation Museum
Destination 48: Phoenix
Military Colleges and Schools
University Spotlight: Auburn University
Best of Health: Miami Beach Foot and Ankle Surgery
Must Read: Running Like a Girl
Great Dates
Readers Resource Index
Your US Airways Guide
Video Entertainment
Audio Entertainment
U.S. and Caribbean Service Map
International Service Map
Airport Terminal Maps
US Airways Fleet/Customs & Immigration
Passenger Info/Contact US Airways
US Airways MarketPlace®
Giving: Carolinas Freedom Foundation
Window or Aisle?

US Airways - November 2013