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Window or Aisle? engage Chatting with a Frequent Flyer jonathan witmer travels the world for his job as group vice president of the hospitality division at waterford, wedgwood, and royal Doulton. How often do you travel? Jonathan’s travel tip: IF traVElINg abrOaD, try tO lEarN sOME OF tHE laNguagE aND lOCal CustOMs. IF pEOplE sEE yOu’rE MakINg aN EFFOrt, tHEy’ll bE Happy tO HElp yOu Out. About sixty to seventy percent of the time. At the beginning of this week I was in Florida. Now I’m in New York, and then early next week I fly to Europe and then straight to Beijing for three weeks. I travel to meet with our teams and customers around the world. There’s no substitute for meeting someone face to face. Do you travel for leisure as well? Yes! I enjoy the Caribbean and Europe. I lived in Japan for a while and from there I was able to explore much of Asia. I went to Bali, spent a few weeks in Guam. When I take a vacation, I look for a place that I haven’t been to and a place that has a lot of history. What have you learned from life on the road? When I started traveling twenty years ago, dividend miles Insider ✈ Get all the perks of beinG preferreD with a 90-day Trial Preferred membershiP want to know what being preferred is like? sign up online at 172 Do you have a favorite part of flying? The most enjoyable part is the chance to meet new people. You get to interact with many cultures and types of people you’d never have met otherwise. Is there anywhere you haven’t been that you’d like to visit? Quite a bit of South America because our business isn’t as developed there. I’d love to get to Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Oh, and Africa. Who would you like to sit next to on a plane? Abe Lincoln. I’m inspired by his courage, passion, and unwavering belief in our country and what we stand for — and what we don’t stand for. His strength and determination helped build our country. Window or aisle? On long flights the window so no one is stepping over me. On short flights, the aisle because it’s easy to get in and out and there’s a bit more legroom. are you a us airways frequent flyer with an interesting story to tell? Email us! @usairwaysMag NOVEMbEr 2013 photo courtesy of jonathan witmer you can try it out today. with a trial preferred membership, you can buy silver, Gold, or platinum preferred status and enjoy all the benefits for 90 days. you can also get a trial club membership to have a convenient place to work or relax before or in between your flights. I was all about being efficient. Now, I’ve completely gone the other way. Travel for me now is all about stress management. I overpack on purpose so I don’t have to worry about anything. I have everything with me. It’s far more enjoyable. I strive to be the world’s most stress-free business traveler.

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Great Escapes: Nova Scotia
Great Escapes: Christmas in Colonial Williamsburg
Adventure: Cyclocross
Adventure: Wandering Manhattan
Gear Up: Time, Space, and Labor Savers
Travel Feature: Madrid, Bite by Bite
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US Airways - November 2013