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explore Must Read An excerpt from a Great New book A Change of Taste Americans who have even a modest fondness for good food owe a lot to Craig Claiborne. Up until the late 1950s, the typical stateside cuisine was predictably bland. When Claiborne became food editor for the New York Times in 1957, he brought with him a consuming passion for cooking. His knowledge of and love for ethnic cuisine captured the national imagination, and soon everyone was paying attention. Claiborne challenged chefs and restaurants to become adventurous — to learn what it means to cook and enjoy great food. His contributions also include more than 20 cookbooks and the four-star restaurantrating system still used today. —Lance Elko, Editor cHAPter oNe A Sensation ★ Putting a piece about food on the front page of the New York Times was unheard of, but on April 13, 1959, they did it. ELEGANCE OF CUISINE IS ON WANE IN U.S. Two time-honored symbols of the good life — great cuisine in the French tradition and elegant table service — are passing from the American scene. . . . Cost control cramps the enthusiasm and inventiveness of master chefs. . . . Training facilities for cooks and waiters are virtually nonexistent. Management and union officials are apathetic. . . . Menus soon will be as stereotyped as those of a hamburger haven. . . . Americans seem always to be in a hurry. . . . Humbert Gatti, executive chef of the Plaza Hotel, predicts: “Within five years kitchens à la minute will replace haute cuisine in America’s major cities. The public will be offered broiled steak, broiled chicken or broiled fish. Or only sautéed dishes. No more sauce Champagne. No more sauce Robert, no more filet of beef Wellington. Even today, you walk into kitchens that don’t have a stockpot. . . . I know places with a big business where they don’t use ten Copyright © 2012 by Thomas McNamee. Reprinted by permission of Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. october 2012 155

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US Airways - October 2012
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Hot Spots: Amusement Parks
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Wine & Dine: Nashville
Adventure: Paragliding
Great Escapes: Ireland
Great Escapes: Bernardus Lodge & Winery
Gear Up: Tech for Eyes and Ears
The Color of Money: Rio de Janeiro
Pink & Proud: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Great Tastes: Molyvos and the Russian Tea Room
University Spotlight: Hollins University
Celebrate Winston-Salem, N.C.
Must Read: The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat
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US Airways - October 2012