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Window or Aisle? engage Chatting with a Frequent Flyer If you ever watch NFL games, you've probably noticed one of the league's premier refs, Ed Hochuli. Here's his take on travel and adventure. What type of work do you do? I have two jobs. I'm a lawyer at Jones, Skelton & Hochuli, a law firm I helped found 35 years ago. I'm also a referee in the National Football League, where I've been for 25 years. So that means you travel a lot. Ed's Travel Tips: DRESS IN COMFORTABLE CLOTHES, AND BRING SOMETHING TO KEEP YOURSELF ENTERTAINED. LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE, AND IF YOU ENJOY THE ADVENTURE, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IT THROWS AT YOU ALONG THE WAY - IT'S JUST PART OF THE RIDE. For six months out of the year, I'm traveling every week for football. I work everywhere except my home city, San Diego. Half the teams in the NFL are in the Eastern time zone, and I'm coming from California. I also travel probably just as much for my law practice, because I have clients all over the country. On average I probably travel a couple of days a week. Sometimes I recognize the flight attendants and the pilots, and sometimes they recognize me. Obviously you're a Dividend Miles member. Where do you like to use your earned miles? My wife and I like to travel internationally, so most of our miles get used on that. We take at least one trip a year. This past spring, we went to Australia and met some of my kids and grandkids and spent two weeks over there. The year before, we went to Indonesia. One of DIVIDEND MILES Insider WHAT'S NEXT IN LOYALTY? ✈ Rest assured, your mileage balance and elite status remain intact and will continue to be honored. Stay up to date on Dividend Miles by visiting dividendmiles. 192 OCTOBER 2014 Are there any destinations on your wish list? There are so many. We're currently trying to decide where we're going next year. We've talked about Greece, China, Japan, and South Africa. If you could take only three items on your next trip, what would they be? I have a coffee mug with me all the time. I researched and found the best travel mug that keeps coffee hot the longest. I've got to have my music with me, so a nice set of headphones. The third thing I need you supply on the plane, and that's the fig bars. They went away for awhile, and now they're back. They're in the snack basket, and you've got the greatest fig bars in the world in there. Window or aisle? I prefer aisle, but even more important than window or aisle is bulkhead. I'm one of the few people, I suppose, who prefers bulkhead. Are you a US Airways frequent flyer with an interesting story to tell? Email us! PHOTO COURTESY OF EDWARD HOCHULI We will integrate current US Dividend Miles accounts into the American Airlines AAdvantage® program in 2015 by combining your award mileage balances, million mile balances, and elite-qualifying activity from both programs. Until the program integration is complete, you can continue to earn and redeem Dividend Miles or AAdvantage miles, in addition to enjoying various elite status benefits on US Airways, American Airlines, oneworld alliance, and other partner airlines. my kids, two grandkids, and son-in-law live there right now, so we went to see them and that part of the world. So obviously it's nice to have miles. When you travel long distances like that, it's nice to be able to fly First Class, in style [laughs]. You can sleep in ease on those long trips.

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