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CHEFS TELL Local Flavor Savor the tastes of the Blue Ridge Mountains at Primland Resort. By Wes Isley Water buffalo with covington sweet potatoes and foraged mushrooms CHEF Q + A EXECUTIVE CHEF GUNNAR THOMPSON What makes dining at Primland truly different? Executive Chef Gunnar Thompson (left) and Pastry Chef Russell Goodman 56 OCTOBER 2014 This area has a distinct rural food culture, and the land covers a variety of elevation levels, so local farmers grow different crops based on their location. That means we have access to a variety of the freshest ingredients, and we purchase directly from those farmers, things like turkey and lamb, and then we prepare the meat here. I choose most of the produce myself, and I know how it's grown. For our Scalloped Potatoes and Ham, the ham is dry-cured here and smoked Virginia-style, and the potatoes are sourced locally. Our butter is local, we use corn meal and other grains milled nearby, and we have our own garden - and I believe guests can taste the difference. How do you incorporate foraging into your dishes? We do foraging locally and onsite, and I'm always taking a detour to see what I can find. Last year, we discovered 52 different varieties of edible mushrooms here at Primland, and we find all types of greens and roots.

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Perspective: CEO Letter
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Hot Spots: Best Beaches
Gatherings: Grandover Resort and Conference Center
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Great Escapes: Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Wine & Dine: Mastro's Steakhouse and Ocean Club
Wine & Dine: Providence, Rhode Island
Gear Up: Weather Glass
Gear Up: Sleep Tight
Diversions: Concours d'Elegance
Getaway: Single Tree Gun & Plough
Travel Feature: Brussels Chocolate
American Airlines: Think Pink
Chefs Tell: Primland Resort
Special Section: Arts & Culture in Las Vegas
University Spotlight: University of Dayton
Special Section: Association of American Cancer Centers
Best of Health: Miami Foot & Ankle Surgery
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