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Did You Know? embark News, Notes, and Inflight Insights ? How can I get more information about my flight? What’s that mean? The airline industry is filled with technical terms — and acronyms and abbreviations to shorten just about all of them (just take a look at airport codes). Use this handy list to practice your airline lingo. aCFt Aircraft aID Airport Information Desk aOG Aircraft on the Ground at Air Traffic (movement of aircraft in a certain space) CDt Controlled Departure Time (a process that holds aircraft on the ground at a departure airport due to delays en route to or at the destination airport) eta Estimated Time of Arrival etD Estimated Time of Departure ete Estimated Time En Route FP Flight Plan (a summary of the schedule, route, and other details of an aircraft) Ga General Aviation PBRF Pilot Briefing (a meeting before a flight to help pilots and/or the flight crew plan for flights) ROt Runway Occupancy Time (the time it takes a departing aircraft from entering an active runway until it clears the departure end or the time it takes an incoming plane from crossing the threshold until it turns off the runway) tat Total Air Time tL Taxilane (section of an airfield designated for taxiing to and from gates) tOF Time of Flight Sign up for BeNotified, US Airways’ flight notification system. You can choose how you’d like to be contacted — via text, email, or phone — and you can also pick which alerts you’d like to receive. A departure reminder will send you all the information regarding your upcoming flight. Day-of-travel alerts will let you know if your flight has been changed, delayed, or canceled. Gate change notifications ensure you’re always at the right gate. And if you want someone to know you’ve landed, you can sign up for arrival alerts that will inform your friends, family, or business partners that you’re on the ground. Sign up at How long can a plane fly in a day? ★ illustrations by nigel holmes There are no set regulations on how much or how long a plane can fly, but maintenance checks after each flight ensure that a plane can continue to its next destination. Limitations include aircraft type, fuel capacity, and available crew. Length of flight varies by aircraft. The Airbus A330-200, one of US Airways’ largest planes, can fly for about 14 hours before needing to refuel. The length of flight also depends on the crew. Longer flights require more crewmembers: two pilots for flights up to eight hours, three pilots for flights from eight to 12 hours, and four pilots for flights from 12 to 18 hours. Longer flights must also have a designated crew rest area where pilots are required to take breaks while others take their spots. Currently, US Airways’ longest flight is from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia. The flight clocks in at 4,973 miles and about 12 hours. september 2013 11

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