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Window or Aisle? engage Chatting with a Frequent Flyer Dividend Miles Preferred members Mark and Melanie Binshtok work hard, but they travel even harder - and have fun while they're at it. How often do you travel? We normally travel every two or three weeks - definitely every month. Mark: Where do your travels take you? We travel to Tel Aviv at least once a year. We love the US Airways Philadelphia to Tel Aviv route. We also make it to Europe every year and will soon be in Dallas visiting Melanie's sister. Melanie: And we're headed to Vegas next week! Mark: Mark and Melanie's Travel Tips: MELANIE: BE PATIENT AND PACK LIGHT. MARK: THANK PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE SERVICES. WE USE OUR ABOVE & BEYOND CERTIFICATES FROM DIVIDEND MILES. MELANIE: AND WE ALWAYS BOOK OUR TICKETS EIGHT TO NINE WEEKS OUT. What type of work do you do? Mark, I know that you're known as Mr. Fix-It. I work as a full-service contractor. I remodel kitchens and baths. I also handle interior and exterior renovations and construct additions. Melanie: I'm a cardiology nurse practitioner. I fix you when you're sick. A couple of years ago, we were on a flight from Fort Myers, Florida, to Charlotte and had a medical emergency. I treated a passenger on board who Mark: DIVIDEND MILES Insider WHAT'S NEXT IN LOYALTY? ✈ n n n Earn Dividend Miles on American Airlines Redeem Dividend Miles for flights on American Airlines Enjoy many elite status benefits on American Airlines Remember you can continue to earn and redeem miles when flying on American. And rest assured, your mileage balance and elite status are safe, secure, and will continue to be honored. Stay up-to-date on Dividend Miles by visiting dividendmiles. 156 SEPTEMBER 2014 What destinations are on your bucket list? Fiji's on my bucket list. We're going to China next year, and I've been wanting to travel to Australia. I also want to take Melanie to Alaska. Melanie: Mark: If you could sit next to anyone on a plane, who would it be? Lenny Kravitz. He comes from a multicultural background, and I think he would have lots of stories to share. I'd love to hear about his travels and the people he's met. Mark: Any former president - probably Reagan. Melanie: We're a bit opposite, can't you tell? Melanie: If you could only take three items on a trip, what would they be? An extra change of clothes, an iPad, and chewing gum. If you can't brush your teeth, you don't want stinky breath. Melanie: Favorite destinations? Tel Aviv is high on the list - we love the beach there. And Prague was really good. Melanie: I love London. Mark: Window or Aisle? We both love the aisle. I don't like having to climb over anyone. Mark likes the legroom to stretch. Mark: I'm a tall guy. Melanie: Are you a US Airways frequent flyer with an interesting story to tell? Email us! PHOTOS COURTESY OF MARK AND MELANIE BINSHTOK In 2015, we will integrate current US Airways Dividend Miles accounts into the American Airlines AAdvantage® program. At that time, we'll combine your award mileage balances, million mile balances, and elite-qualifying activity from both programs. Until we're fully integrated, you can continue to: was having a cardiology-related issue. I was really impressed by the items in the inflight medical kit.

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