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Lodging . . . They promised "Good Nights, Great Days" here in Lancaster, and they certainly have delivered. Lots to do during the day h a variety of and into the evening, wit and other types of first-rate hotels, motels, and recharge at great accommodations to rest value rates . . . . . . . We talked to a ed family last night who rav about the well-maintained g campground they’re stayin love at. Lilly and Justin would that just as much as the . working farm B&B! . . . us that Lancaster . . . Our innkeepers told ond largest – and County is home to the sec mmunity in the eastern most diverse – B&B co uldn’t have guessed U.S. More than 150! Wo ct sense. . . . that, but it makes perfe When you come over, stay over! For reservations and more information visit padutchcountry.com or call 1-800-PA-Dutch. / 33 http://www.padutchcountry.com

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Wake up in Lancaster County 2010
Good Nights, Great Days!
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Wake up in Lancaster County 2010