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Lisa McCoy
A bit of arm twisting from her
father and some inspiration from
a neighbor in the field convinced
Lisa McCoy '89 to pursue her study
of radiography at PA College (then
Lancaster General Hospital School
of Nursing & Health Sciences).

change. She and her husband John bought
and operated a non-medical in-home
service called Comfort Keepers.

Yet when Lisa learned of an opening with
the field hockey coaching staff at Penn
Manor High School, she jumped at the
chance to reengage with a sport she had
enjoyed playing in her youth and to pursue
her long-standing interest in coaching.
Lisa was assistant coach for Penn Manor
isa fondly recalls the strong camaraderie for eight years and collaborated with her
that developed among her radiography
colleagues there to develop a youth field
classmates, as well as a commitment to
hockey club team. Lisa's affiliation with
supporting one another and working
USA Field Hockey began with a role
together to solve problems and get the job with Futures, the organization's youth
done that carried over into her professional development program. She became
life. As one of the top five graduates from
the regional manager for Futures in
her program, Lisa was offered a general
Pennsylvania and later advanced to
radiology position and valuable bonus
Manager, a role which has since expanded
from Lancaster General Hospital in
to responsibility for international events.
exchange for a two-year commitment.
Lisa oversees an incredible array of events
She later earned her licensure in Magnetic at the team's home base at Spooky Nook
Resonance Imaging and worked in MRI
Sports in Manheim and around the world.
at LGH as well as with Rohrerstown
They hosted the Young Women's National
Diagnostic Imaging and Lancaster
Championship in June and will host the
Radiography Associates. Eventually, after
Pan American Cups in August, welcoming
working long (and late) shifts while raising women's and men's competitors from the
three small children, Lisa was ready for a
United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina,


Race Against Racism
On April 29, a team of 35 alumni, students, faculty, staff and
friends participated in the YWCA's Race Against Racism in
downtown Lancaster. The annual event supports local social
justice and advocacy programs in Lancaster.
16 inPractice | SUMMER 2017

Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay,
Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Lisa's commitment to field hockey is also
shared by her twin daughters, Emily and
Eryn, who play with USA Field Hockey's
National Developmental Squad and
graduated from Boston College in May.
Lisa and her husband John look forward
to spending time together with the whole
family, including their son Evan, a recent
graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.
Her career today is certainly different
from her days working in Radiography
and MRI, but Lisa values the life lessons
gleaned from her PA College and early
professional experience. Working in the
health care field demanded the ability
to think on her feet and problem solve
quickly and confidently. Lisa takes pride
in these abilities, which are still important
to her success today. When talking to her
children about their academic and career
aspirations, Lisa thinks about her own
interesting and rewarding path and tells
them, "Life has a way of putting you where
you need to be - believe in this, and you'll
be happy."


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