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EDITOR’S DESK Examining the third party tee time marketing issue By Jim Dunlap A s you will discover if you haven’t already skipped over to our survey, we could probably write a War and Peace-length this column, this issue of the magazine contains a treatise on the subject and still overlook some of the nuances of lengthy feature package dealing with the issue of third the issue. Hopefully what we have presented will at least spark party tee time marketers in today’s golf industry. In following some thought among the various stakeholders, and we invite numerous industry discussions of the pros and cons of using readers to provide their commentary, opinions or (gasp!) critithird party marketers to sell or book additional rounds, and cisms by using the “Discussion” tabs at the conclusion of the in conversations with a number of course owners and opera- feature (or any other) article. tors, we continually hear that this is a key concern for many We are also aware that in some corners of the industry, there if not most golf courses. Obviously there are other pressing is, or perhaps will be, some skepticism regarding the fact that global issues — the supply/demand one of our charter sponsors is Golfimbalance, declining participation Now, who is, coincidentally enough, We freely admit that this (particularly in the Gen-X and Genin the third party tee time marketing Y demographic), the dreaded timebusiness, among other things. That article is not the be-all money-difficulty roadblocks, and of has absolutely nothing to do with our and end-all of the third course today’s economic landscape. decision to conduct the survey and We (nor, so far, the industry at large) write the article on third party marparty discussion. As we can’t resolve those in these pages. We keters. That decision was made solely discovered in some can’t provide all the answers for facilon the basis of the issue’s prominence ity operators regarding third party tee in industry discussions. As you will follow-up discussions time marketers, either, but the feature see when you read the article, we have with the third party and survey response charts contained merely presented the survey responses in this issue are our attempt to provide and our own understanding of how marketers who our readers with some guidance about third party marketers work; there is no responded to our who these tee time marketers are, how endorsement of any company or busithey work, and some of the things to ness model. survey, we could consider when deciding whether or not We did elect to place the contracted probably write a War to engage their services. GolfNow advertisement in this issue The article, based on a survey of some and Peace-length treatise adjacent to the third party marketing of the major tee time marketers which article. We did so with some trepidaon the subject and still we conducted, is strictly designed to be tion, due to our concern over both informational. We are not taking a pothe practice and the appearance of overlook some of the sition on which of those companies or “play-for-pay” journalism, which we nuances of the issue. business models serve the golf course are on record as opposing. In the end, operator better, but are merely trying we elected to place the ad there as a to help operators make better and more courtesy to our advertiser, who had informed decisions about their own expressed a desire for placement adjabusiness marketing strategies. That is, in the end, the course cent to any of our articles we felt most significant, regardless of operator’s responsibility. The third party marketers are in busi- whether they touched on GolfNow’s immediate area of interness to make money one way or another, just as golf courses est. As a sidebar note, when soliciting sponsors, our policy has are; if operators can truly make informed decisions about the been and will be that while their support is appreciated, their features, benefits or potential pitfalls of entering into a business financial contribution has not bought our endorsement, nor arrangement with those marketers, that stands to benefit not rendered them immune from commentary in this publication only the operator but also the golf industry as a whole going that may be less than favorable. We think that unbiased readforward. ers will agree that we have honored that policy in our issues to We freely admit that this article is not the be-all and end-all date, and will continue to do so. of the third party discussion. As we discovered in some followWe sincerely hope readers find the third party marketing up discussions with the third party marketers who responded article helpful and of interest, and invite your comments. n November 2010 2 The Pellucid PersPecTive

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The Pellucid Perspective - November 2010
Examining the Third Party Tee Time Marketing Issue
A Primer on Third Party Tee Time Marketers
Some Cities Willing to Buck Declining Golf Trend
Feel Golf Head Defies New Wedge Rules
Washington DC/Northern VA Profile
Oct YtD Weather Impact Sep YtD Utilization
Mixed Financial Results for Q3 and September YtD
Heard it Through the Grapevine

The Pellucid Perspective - November 2010