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INDUSTRY SCORECARD Jan 2011 YtD weather impact Dec 2010 YtD utilization J anuary weather impact was favorable with Golf Playable Hours (GPH) up 4% compared to year ago. This sets the opening standard for the Year-to-Date (Ytd) weather impact at +4% vs. year ago which is a positive start. YtD regional breadth was dead even at 1:1 with 9 regions having favorable weather compared to 9 regions with unfavorable weather (1 in the neutral zone and the remaining 26 regions out of play). Completing the trifecta, the weekday vs. weekend weather impact was also favorable with weekends registering +14% while January YtD 2011 YtD Capacity Rds, % Chng vs. YA Weekday Capacity Rds % Chng. vs. YA Weekend Capacity Rds % Chng. vs. YA YtD Up/Down Breadth Ratio # of Regions Up # of Regions Down YtD % Utilization Rate (Dec) YtD % Utilization Rate Pt. Chng vs. YA (Dec) +4% –1% +14% 1:1 9 9 53% –0.5 pts weekdays were -1% vs. year ago. Looking back on December rounds demand as reported by Golf Datatech/NGF to calculate % Utilization, the Utilization Rate increased a whopping 12 points to 65% (comprised of a 1% decrease in Rounds Played against an 18% decrease in Capacity Rounds). For the YtD period (full year), the Utilization Rate climbed slightly to 53% and finished the year down 1/2 point compared to the 2009 year end benchmark rate of 53%. Market utilization “winners” for the year were Arkansas, Myrtle Beach and Raleigh/Greensboro all posting gains of better than 4 points while the “biggest losers” were Seattle, Minneapolis and San Francisco all shedding more than 4 points. Jim Koppenhaver comments, “The January weather is a positive start to a new year which should produce an increase in rounds vs. January 2010. That said, I completely missed the call on December rounds which were essentially flat against a fairly significant drop in GPH. This was the first time since we started tracking weather impact that rounds played have diverged by double-digits vs. the weather impact which means either golfers played in marginal weather or we or Datatach/ NGF made a math error in calculating our components. We’ll go back and take a look but, for now, it goes in the books as a solid month for increasing course efficiency by holding rounds against significantly unfavorable weather. In the January results, I also anticipate that the rounds increase will be slightly muted as some geographies such as Orlando had “playable” weather but, by historical season standards, the temps were 10+ (See Weather on page 11) February 2011 6 The Pellucid PersPecTive

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The Pellucid Perspective - February 2011
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The Pellucid Perspective - February 2011