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TEE TIME MARKETING NGCOA ponders becoming Southwest Airlines? By Jim Koppenhaver W hat happens when the growing concern over 3rd 1. Creating, maintaining and refining Web-based software party marketing of tee times for barter collides with programs is not a core competency of trade associations in any an industry trade association stance that’s unilaterally industry that I can think of and amplified in the golf industry by against the basic business model? Well, initially it produced a our overall “technology trailing” history. significant amount of passionate, emotional debate (much of it 2. Building the web-based reservation system is only half the void of any real facts produced by either side) and now it’s evolv- battle; marketing and gaining consumer adoption is also a reing to the “what are we going to actually do about it?” phase. quired core competency. While the NGCOA would have the The good news in this is the owner/operators (hopefully) are advantage of a relatively “captive audience” in soliciting particirealizing that bitching to each other about “discount this” and pation from member courses, where would they acquire the con“discount that” or standing on tables and sumer marketing resources to get golfers to delivering inebriated oratory at the GIS The “dopeler effect” come to the site? conference back in February doesn’t either 3. This idea would immediately face enfalls in the category change anything or productively advance trenched, skilled and well-funded competithe discussion. The bad news is that at least of taking an existing tors who would make the adoption process one of the ideas brought forward and being for the NGCOA similar to the Marines’ word or phrase and seriously considered by various factions of challenge in coming ashore at Iwo Jima the NGCOA perfectly fits the definition of altering only one let- in WWII. Additionally, the entrenched the “dopeler effect”. competitors have multiple revenue streams ter to create a new What is the “dopeler effect” you ask? (ad revenue from eyeballs and cross-sell The Washington Post conducts an annual term and then defin- opportunities etc.) which potentially proneologism contest in which readers subvide additional capital to wage defense of ing it. This particular their business in the short-term. mit various creative and humorous words and definitions according to different rules. phrase was one of the 4. NGCOA, last time I checked, is not The “dopeler effect” falls in the category of capitalized to build web-based enterprise2008 winners pubtaking an existing word or phrase and allevel software. Unlike the USGA, which tering only one letter to create a new term has the US Open, associated revenue lished by the paper, and then defining it. This particular phrase streams and a sizeable “trust,” or the PGA was one of the 2008 winners published by defined by the submit- of America which has a similar tournathe paper, defined by the submitter as “The ter as “The tendency ment event and 27,000 members providtendency of stupid ideas to appear smarter ing a revenue stream, the NGCOA would of stupid ideas to when they come at you rapidly.” In a nuteither have to partner with a money source, shell, the concept that’s being seriously borrow (a four-letter word currently) or appear smarter debated and considered would have the charge its members/participating courses when they come at NGCOA creating, distributing and servicin advance to generate the capital to build ing an “operator-friendly” 3rd party web tee such a system. you rapidly.” time service as an alternative to the existing, 5. There’s at best a spotty record of this privately funded 3rd Party Marketers (or being attempted successfully in the golf inTPMs like GolfNow, Active Networks etc.). dustry. On the positive side of the ledger The reason that I make the Southwest analogy in the headline sheet, one of the golf participants in the Southwest conference is twofold: 1) The NGCOA would be trying to replicate the call cited the USGA’s GHIN handicap system as a successful success Southwest has had in circumventing the travel booking business venture by a trade association to build a consensus inengines (Expedia, Travelocity etc.) and 2) The NGCOA actually dustry service. On the flip side, the public domain information arranged a conference call with Southwest to listen to and learn that still exists about the NGCOA’s acquisition (or licensing) from their strategy and execution in building their own web res- and attempted development of a common tee sheet platform ervations engine. (Tee-Links back in the late 1990s, before I entered the industry) So why do I think this isn’t the most intelligent idea we’ve doesn’t paint it as a success and potentially actually cost the NGconceived as an industry? Let me count the ways: COA money before pulling the proverbial plug. APril 2011 4 The Pellucid PersPecTive

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The Pellucid Perspective - April 2011