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INDUSTRY SCORECARD May 2011 YtD weather impact Apr 2011 YtD utilization M ay weather impact leveled off at the national level with Golf Playable Hours (GPH) down 1% compared to year ago. This brought the Year-to-Date (YtD) weather impact to -7% vs. year ago slightly better than the April YtD level of -11%. Regional breadth for the YtD period deteriorated to 1.1.9 with 14 regions having favorable weather offset by 26 regions with unfavorable weather (5 in the neutral zone of +/- 2%). The weekend vs. weekday distribution of weather May YtD 2011 YtD Capacity Rds, % Chng vs. YA Weekday Capacity Rds % Chng. vs. YA Weekend Capacity Rds % Chng. vs. YA YtD Up/Down Breadth Ratio # of Regions Up # of Regions Down YtD % Utilization Rate (Apr ’11) YtD % Utilization Rate Pt. Chng vs. YA (Apr ’11) –7% –8% –4% 1.1:9 14 26 56% +3 pts unfavorability is a slight benefit with weekdays showing -8% in GPH compared to the -4% weekend GPH. Looking back on April rounds demand as reported by Golf Datatech/NGF to calculate % Utilization, for the 2nd straight month we’re showing an increase in utilization to 56% (comprised of a 17% decline in rounds played compared to the 21% decline in capacity rounds). For the YtD period, Utilization registered 55% (comprised of a 6% decrease in rounds against an 11% decline in capacity rounds) which is a 3 point increase vs. the 2010 benchmark utilization rate of 53%. Among the YtD market utilization “winners” are Seattle, Cleveland, Dallas and Boston while the “biggest losers” consist of Denver, Cincinnati and Atlanta. Jim Koppenhaver comments, “This season is shaping up (unfortunately) to be the poster child for Stuart Lindsay’s and my assertion that you cannot evaluate golf industry performance at any level without incorporating weather. Weather across the US has been as varied and polar (as in opposites, not the North and South or cold) as we’ve seen in our 5 years of industry tracking. For example, it’s been an abysmal spring in most of the Midwest including Pellucid’s hometown of Chicago. Rounds are down 40% YtD and people are climbing out windows onto ledges. Capacity Rounds however are down 56% which means that we’ve actually increased utilization to 69% after factoring out the incredibly adverse weather vs. a very good 2010 Spring season. It guides our clients to the conclusion that you can’t discount to overcome bad weather and there’s nothing wrong with June 2011 10 The Pellucid PersPecTive

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The Pellucid Perspective - June 2011
PGA, USGA Back Adams’ ‘Tee It Forward’ Initiative
The Price Is Right
Acushnet Transaction—Big Deal?
Reality Setting in for Course Buyers, Sellers
May 2011 YtD Weather Impact, Apr 2011 YtD Utilization
San Francisco/Oakland, CA Core Business Statistical Area (CBSA)
The Warrior Way
Comings & Goings
A Step ‘Forward’ for Golf?

The Pellucid Perspective - June 2011