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PLAYING THE GAME PGA, USGA back Adams’ ‘Tee It Forward’ initiative Length-appropriate tee positioning touted as way to increase game’s enjoyment, speed up play By Jim Dunlap he PGA of America and the United States Golf Asso- an early splash of publicity, but Adams is well aware that much ciation are throwing their support behind a new initia- work remains to be done. tive they are calling “Tee It Forward” in an attempt to “All the feedback has been positive, and I’ve gotten it from all make golf more enjoyable by encouraging golfers to play from over the world,” Adams said, “but I’ve told the PGA and USGA tees more suited to their abilities and the distance they hit the not to be misled by that. This is just the beginning. It has to be a ball. Kicking off this summer with promotional events at major grassroots movement.” championships including last month’s Senior PGA ChampiWhile a number of multi-course operators contacted by this onship, this week’s U.S. Open and next month’s U.S. Women’s publication were aware of the initiative, and generally supportOpen, the initiative is based on a concept credited to Adams ive, most are either taking a wait and see attitude or beginning Golf founder Barney Adams which advocates tee sets that will to develop some guidelines for implementation and promotion enable most golfers to play each hole of Tee It Forward at their courses. The with approximately the same selection of PGA of America, whose members will Recommended course clubs that professionals and scratch amaplay critical roles in the eventual success yardages by driving distance or failure of the initiative via its impleteurs use from the championship tees. The concept is also being championed mentation and promotion at the course, PGA tour Pro - 7600-7900 by Jack Nicklaus, who has been increasis conducting beta testing research and ingly vocal recently in support of various working on guidelines for the program. 300 - 7150-7400 ways to increase golf participation and “We’re currently beginning to imple275 - 6700-6900 enjoyment, including his recent advocacy ment best practices, not only for teeing 250 - 6200-6400 of radical design concepts such as 12-hole grounds but also how to set golf course 225 - 5800-6000 courses to relieve time constraints and cut operations up,” said PGA of America 200 - 5200-5400 down on development and maintenance CEO Joe Steranka. “We’ll be doing sur175 - 4400-4600 costs. (Cynics may speculate that those reveys on pace of play, scoring, basically visions might also provide new opportunihow [players] like it.” 150 - 3500-3700 ties for Nicklaus Design, but it is refreshPGA Director of Player Develop125 - 2800-3000 ing to see such a golf icon demonstrating ment Ron Stepanek said pilot program 100 - 2100-2300 a willingness to countenance change for testing is ongoing at the PGA Golf Club, the overall benefit of the game). as well as mathematical studies to refine The Adams concept, which is actually and produce the best distance guidelines similar in many ways to a system developed at their Province to accommodate the full spectrum of golfer abilities. Lake Golf Course in Maine more than a decade ago by own“Our biggest message will actually be more about the concept ers Arthur Little and his wife, Jann Leeming, starts with the than actual formulas, though,” Stepanek said. baseline of distance that a player typically hits a tee shot. The For now, the chart above indicates recommended course yardconcept then creates (or designates existing tees) at intervals ages by driving distance. offering most players the opportunity to hit the same club into a par-4, for instance, as the Tour pros and top amateurs might Overcoming ego and logistical challenges Everyone involved with Tee It Forward acknowledges that hit after teeing off from their championship tees (much) further back. Adams calls his concept “Tour Length,” but he has acqui- overcoming the challenges of the (predominantly male) golfer esced to – and will serve as the face for – the Tee It Forward ego and peer pressure will be part of the campaign for widespread acceptance of the initiative. That aspect of the battle for title. With both the USGA and the PGA of America sending out hearts and minds can be overcome to a degree simply by changpress releases in late May, and exposure on The Golf Channel ing the tee markers, even if the majority of the existing tee boxes and other media outlets, the Tee It Forward program has gotten remain in place. T 2 The Pellucid PersPecTive June 2011

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The Pellucid Perspective - June 2011
PGA, USGA Back Adams’ ‘Tee It Forward’ Initiative
The Price Is Right
Acushnet Transaction—Big Deal?
Reality Setting in for Course Buyers, Sellers
May 2011 YtD Weather Impact, Apr 2011 YtD Utilization
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The Warrior Way
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A Step ‘Forward’ for Golf?

The Pellucid Perspective - June 2011