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GOLF INDUSTRY SHOWS Show notes from 35,000 feet By Harvey Silverman O ne of my favorite columnists was the late Herb Caen of that Pellucid, having just videoed its presentation earlier that day, the San Francisco Chronicle. He perfected a technique should have videoed this dinner instead… he called “three-dot journalism,” banging out a column The NGCOA general session mentioned above featured an each day of “items” - celebrity sightings, local politics, random all-star cast of PGA speakers including Donna Orender, Suzy thoughts, and so on. Having just gotten back from the second Whaley, Darrell Crall, and facilitated by consultant Jim Baugh. of the two golf shows I attend each year with a notebook full of As you might guess, the subject was “Connecting with Her.” “items,” I thought I’d take a stab at three-dot journalism (using Orender’s opening statement was “Women are the low-hangthe word “journalism” very loosely) and share some thoughts ing fruit to growing the game.” I told this to my wife and got and observations. Here goes… slapped before I got to the word “fruit.” Nonetheless, she obBoth shows looked to be very well attended, although I don’t jected to be categorized as such. As for the owners in the room, think the PGA show will ever go back to the days when the I saw more slumped shoulders than erect posture as Orender center aisle was a crush of golf humanity…Why don’t more and Whaley urged golf courses to be more like Nordstrom. My owners go to the GIS show and participate in the NGCOA daughter works for Nordstrom and laughed hysterically when sessions and events? I sat in on the general session Wednesday she heard this. Yes, golf needs to upgrade its service levels in the morning (more on this later) and was surprised to find a room golf shops, but will a course refund someone’s money if they barely more than half filled…Checking in on the GCSAA gen- complain about a bad round?... eral session found standing room only… I also sat in on a NGCOA “chat session” It’s become a Pellucid tradition that Jim Both shows looked to about third party tee time resellers, facilitatKoppenhaver and Stuart Lindsay wind ed quite adeptly by Mike Tinkey. The room down from their State of the Industry pre- be very well attended, contained a thoughtful mix of stakeholders, sentations by hosting a dinner that includes although I don’t think including people from Sweden, Australia, an assortment of Pellucid clients. Each year and France who were hoping for some enthe discussion is lively, informative, inter- the PGA show will ever lightenment on this seemingly American esting, provocative – place just about any go back to the days phenomenon. I found it interesting to hear adjective here. This year was no exception, that both O.B. Sports and a large multiwhen the center aisle course operator in Washington had both as one of our guests, a very successful Midwest golf course owner, went on a Robin opened their own call centers. Hello, Inwas a crush of golf Williams-esque rant about what’s wrong ternet tee times…An interesting topic was humanity… with golf and why he’s successful bucking about yield management, and how some all of the “feel-good initiatives.” Fueled by facilities were doing away with published sizzling steaks and a good Pinot Noir, our rates in favor of a dynamic pricing model. guest seized upon another guest’s story about trying to figure Those who spoke of such models were from areas that expeout a handicap stroke dilemma during a recent match with two rience periods of high demand in peak seasons. But for most others that started on the tenth rather than first hole. The course courses, I think the top rate becomes part of a course’s brand owner, we’ll call him “Tom,” opened his salvo with “Just go hit identity. You are a $25 course, or a $50 course, or a $100 course, the (expletive) ball and have fun, and figure out the rule later!” etc. To think one can charge $50 in peak times but only deliver He drove home the point that he is in the entertainment busi- a $25 experience and succeed may be folly… ness, and all he cares about is having people hand over their I saw Paula Creamer up close. Drop dead gorgeous. Makes hard-earned money to play golf on his course; and in return have me wonder why more men don’t watch the LPGA Tour events. a great time playing, drinking, and smoking cigars. He could care Wait…when are the LPGA Tour events?... less about what rules they play by, or what’s in their bag. The only Much came out in print about bifurcation during the two“anchoring” he cares about are the ones dragged by golfers who show period. I’m waiting for the Celebrity Death Match beplay too slowly. His course is set up to be four strokes easier on tween Wally Uihlein of Titleist and Mark King of TaylorMade. the back than the front, and he rails at the course raters who tell You know, one of those Claymation things. Maybe it can be a them “this is wrong.” In fact, he feels strongly that course owners tag team match with Glen Nager of the USGA teaming with be allowed to rate their own courses. Now nearly standing on Uihlein, and Tim Finchem teaming with King… his chair, Tom compared golf to liquor stores, that they survive Club Car introduced a new vehicle that was a showstopper. just fine without juniors being able to drink and that the indus- Lots of observers also thought it would be a round-stopper too. try needs to focus its growth efforts on those who can pay. The It is a four-seat golf cart with extended fittings to hold four entire table was held in rapt and stunned silence and I realized bags. It will be sold only to courses hosting Get Golf Ready 6 The Pellucid PersPecTive February 2013

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The Pellucid Perspective - February 2013
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The Pellucid Perspective - February 2013