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INDUSTRY SCORECARD January '14 golf weather impact: Downward trajectory from '13 continues J anuary was an ominous start weather-wise to the new year as Golf Playable Hours (GPH) came in at -24% vs. Year Ago (YA) at the national level. For the Year-to-Period (YtD), the GPH comparative measure is the same (only have 1 month of results, just checking to see if you're paying attention). January YtD 2014 YtD Month Capacity Rds, % Change vs. YA -24% YtD Capacity Rds, % Chng vs. YA -24% YtD Up/Down Breadth Ratio 1:5:1 # of Regions Up # of Regions Down YtD % Utilization Rate (Dec '13) YtD % Utilization Rate Pt. Chng vs. YA (Dec '13) 12 The Pellucid Perspective 12 8 52% +1 pt On the positive side of the ledger, the YtD regional positive/ negative breadth ratio showed the unfavorable weather to be relatively narrowly distributed, registering at 1.5:1 with 12 regions having favorable weather against 8 regions with unfavorable weather (0 regions finished in the neutral zone of +/- 2%, the remaining 25 regions are Looking at YtD out of season). Looking at YtD weather impact performance by weather impact day-of-week, weekend weather performance was slightly less favorable than weekdays. Pellucid's call for by day-of-week, the 2014 full-year comparative GPH for Total US and the weekend weather 45 regions is part of our State was slightly less of the Industry presentation favorable than which is available for sale. Also, the monthly update to that weekdays. forecast at the national level and the breakdown of weather February 2014

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The Pellucid Perspective - February 2014