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Industry leadershIp Winds of change blowing at NGCOA? Tee Time Coalition a work in progress for owners and PGA, but a worthy goal By Jim dunlap t he hands at the helms of golf 's leading associations do not typically change often. With the exception of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), where current CEO Rhett Evans is the organization's third top officer in eight years, the golf industry's top organizational leaders have enjoyed tenure exceeded only by U.S. Supreme Court Justices and other senior federal judiciary members. Nowhere has that trend been more pronounced than the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA), where CEO Mike Hughes reigned for 25 years, with Deputy CEO Mike Tinkey at his side for most of those. With this year's CEO appointment of Jay Karen, a former NGCOA staffer who returns to the fold after a number of years running a pair of hospitality industry trade associations, it's early, but there are indications that unlike many golf industry changes of the guard, this one may result in some significant switches in direction of America CEO Pete Bevacqua announced that their organizations had formed the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition. The Coalition not only reiterated the Tee Time Guidelines but announced the intention to fund an in-house Compliance Officer position, a governing board of directors comprised of NGCOA and PGA representatives, an advisory board including tee time company representatives and a hotline for golf course owners and operators to report issues and concerns with tee time company business practices. "So far, we have addressed two of the three purposes of the coalition, which is designed to help the supply side of the industry work with third parties in marketing their tee time inventory," Karen said. "First, we're providing good content to owners, operators, professionals, etc. to help them in making their tee time marketing decisions. The hotline concept is designed so that a single course operator who feels that he or she is being wronged, has talked to the company and is not getting any satisfaction will have somewhere to go. Once the "the guideline document web site, phone number and compliance officer are in place, needs to evolve from we will be ready to open the a combination of best 'ombudsman' role." The third purpose? Ah, practices and guidelines for there's the rub. The third operators to a standards purpose of the coalition is to provide an incentive that document specifically for makes it attractive enough, tee time companies." or a punitive component that makes it painful enough, jAy kAren which possesses enough teeth Ceo, nGCoA to impress the third party tee time marketing firms. Karen, a social media maven who is well aware of the skepticism of some owners and operators voiced on the NGCOA's both internally and for the industry at large. Listserv and other industry sites about the enforceability of the The groundwork for the first major announcement of the guidelines, is focusing considerable attention on the issue. Karen regime was laid this past summer, prior to Karen's arrival "The guideline document needs to evolve from a combinaand several months after Hughes announced that he would be tion of best practices and guidelines for operators to a standards moving on. In response to ongoing industry-wide debate over document specifically for tee time companies," Karen said. the impact, effectiveness and business practices of the third "There are a number of considerations. How do we score [comparty online tee time marketing industry, the NGCOA an- panies] - pass/fail, 9 out of 10, etc.? Do we establish a rubric nounced in June their Tee Time Guidelines, which were quickly where standards vary in weight? Do we require total compliendorsed by the PGA of America. Last month, Karen and PGA ance or just elements? And, critically, what are we allowed to do 2 The Pellucid PersPecTive December 2015

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Winds of change blowing at NGCOA?
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The Pellucid Perspective - December 2015