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GOLF STATISTICS We have a data problem in golf. Let's fix it. By Jay Karen EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a post from NGCOA CEO Jay Karen earlier this month on the interestingly named "Perspective" blog site. Equally interesting, along the lines of what we at The Pellucid Perspective prefer to think of as proof that great minds think alike, the article by Pellucid Perspective Contributing Editor Stuart Lindsay preceding this reprinted post was actually written before Stuart was aware of Mr. Karen's post. While the content of the two pieces varies, it is clear that both Karen and Pellucid are in agreement with the headline on Karen's post. sic performance metric. So, please go to and enter your monthly rounds when you hear the call for data submission. Can you imagine if the Wall Street Journal called to ask how many rounds of golf were played in the first quarter of 2016, and we could only shrug our shoulders and look lost? One of the challenges with PerformanceTrak was the requirement by course staffers to hand-enter monthly data, which will continue with GDT. But here's the's 2016, people! We need you to participate, but we shouldn't have to ask you to hand-enter information. Why can't we identify all the tee time he hotel industry seems to live and die by the exalted systems, which should naturally have data on rounds played, STAR Report, which provides a local property with Oc- and have them all fed into one, central repository? Out of this cupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR), and Revenue per neutral repository, we could produce robust rounds played data Available Room (RevPAR) against a comparable set of proper- or feed such information to those who wanted to build robust ties in the market. The golf industry has no equal, and we need reporting. This way, it would be more scientifically sound. one. Getting these tee time system operators into one room to For years, PerformanceTrak by the PGA, in cooperation agree on how this should work needs to happen first. And if with NGCOA, reported national, regional and market-level we accomplish this, the course operator will have to give perrounds information, as well as some limited reporting of rev- mission to share data, which would remain anonymous. Better enue performance. The PGA recently announced they are no still, it would make the process much less time-consuming. longer supporting the program. They approved a baton-passing Isn't letting your tee time system know once that "you're in," to GolfDatatech, which has been collecting national rounds versus entering data 12 times per year, a better scenario for data since 1999. NGCOA and GDT were partners in this ef- everyone? fort a long time ago, and we're happy to help GDT continue From where I sit, I observe multiple efforts in our industry to the ever-important effort to report on our industry's most ba- gather and/or report performance data in one form or another, from rounds to revenue and expenses: NGCOA, NGF, GolfDatatech, Pellucid, Club BenchmarkCan you imagine if the ing, Links Insight and the ORCA Report, to name a few. Either one Wall Street Journal called of these has to break out from the to ask how many rounds pack and become the STAR Report, or we have to find a way to work of golf were played in the together. The inconvenient thing first quarter of 2016, and about data projects like this is the value and insights that result from we could only shrug our them are directly proportionate to shoulders and look lost? the quantity and quality of the data entered. We fare no better in golf if we have multiple, competing efforts. This is my first smoke signal to the industry. If you run a tee time system or are in the data business in golf, expect to hear from NGCOA. Karen We can and must do better. What do you think? n T The Pellucid PersPecTive 5

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The Pellucid Perspective - April 2016
In search of meaningful operations performance measurement
We have a data problem in golf. Let’s fix it
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The Pellucid Perspective - April 2016