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Contents VOL. 4, NO. 9 Brand marketing|Communications 14 Industry Tackles the New remS Hurdle FDA’s requirements for risk evaluation and mitigation challenge both new and existing commercialization processes Founder/editorial director Nicholas Basta 718 282 6112, Publisher Alan Morris 516 869 0334, Contributing editors Angelo DePalma, Mike Faden, George Miller, F.J. Quinn, Suzanne Shelley editorial Board Jeffrey Berkowitz, Schering-Plough Corp. Richard Carlson, Blue Fin Group Liz Coyle, IMS Health Adam Fein, Pembroke Consulting Marita Gomez, Purohit Navigation Rich Minoff, 1 Global Partners John Rhodes, Deloitte Mark Seitz, Eli Lilly & Co. Daniel Steiber, D2 Pharma Advertising representatives New england Vince Cavaseno 617 232 2000, midwest David Gerchen 314 878 3939, Southeast Charlton Calhoun West Richard Ayer 949 366 9089, Jane Hayward 949 366 2457, Or, contact Publisher Alan Morris at 516 869 0334, Botox Lawsuit Highlights Another Wrinkle for remS How to ensure Successful design and Implementation of Physician Segmentation The basic process of defining customer segments and appropriate promotional messaging benefits from a cross-disciplinary approach editorial 6 op-ed 7 Can Fair Balance exist on the Web? FDA struggles with the new world of social media Cargo Theft emerges as a New Biopharma Worry The signs are apparent that there is organized criminal activity focused on pharma logistics Supply Chain | Logistics 19 Information Technology 21 Impax Labs enjoys the Fruits of Its IBm Cognos Investment With limited IT resources, the company is rolling out one business-intelligence application after another Short Takes Specialty Pharmacy Providers deserve Their own Class of Trade The emergence of specialty pharmacies, with fundamental differences from other types of pharmacy providers, warrants the establishment of manufacturer relationships Transparency Is the Solution to the medical-Journal ‘Ghostwriting’ Controversy Drug companies should keep a goal of effective communications as the priority in medical publications Top News 8 HdmA Analyzes evolving Specialty distribution Business Survey shows close interplay between manufacturers and their trading partners for supplemental services UPS and Genzyme: A Pioneering drug Serialization Initiative Amr research Selects ‘Healthcare Top 25’ for Supply Chain excellence Fifteen of top 25 are drug or device makers; hospitals and distributors round out the list from the new Gartner subsidiary Cardinal Health Tailors Pharma deliveries to High-volume mail-order Pharmacies Addition of EZ-Cart system drastically cuts restocking efforts Now, Use Patient-Level data to measure Advertising-media effectiveness SDI Health extends its longitudinal patient analytics to measure media impacts UCB offers Tailored Syringe for rheumatoid Arthritis Patients The dilemma: packaging a drug for a condition that makes self-administration difficult Packaging & drug delivery 22 Pharma Gets a ‘Just in Time’ Speedup With the Switch to digital Printing ‘Print on demand’ changes traditional design,production and inventory practices for labels, inserts and other printed packaging readying Packaging Lines for data management Schering-Plough implements packaging line vision technology with a view toward future data collection needs vetter opens Injectables Packaging Facility in Illinois Healthcare Commerce media Corporation Pharmaceutical Commerce is published by Healthcare Commerce Media Corp., 85 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218. editorial queries: 718 282 6112, or Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Send all subscription inquiries or requests to Subscriptions, Pharmaceutical Commerce, 85 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218. The management and editors of Pharmaceutical Commerce make every effort to publish accurate information. However, neither the management, editorial board, editors or reporters can be held liable for erroneous information. Opinions of Pharmaceutical Commerce columnists are their own, and do not necessarily represent those of employees or other contributors to Pharmaceutical Commerce. Advertising queries please direct to: Alan R. Morris, Pharmaceutical Commerce, Inc., 22 Bayview Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030; tel: 516 869 0334, fax: 516 869 0325, Business & Finance 12 Generic manufacturers Gain Another Advantage in disputing drug Patents FDA sets a precedent for granting generic approvals even when initial litigation goes against the generic manufacturer QPharma and Solabs Will Partner to Provide Compliance Services Legal | regulatory 26 Getting value From end-of-Life-Cycle Pharmaceuticals A review of 84 branded pharmaceutical products with changed ownership as of 2005 shows that many of them can continue to sell, often with much higher prices executive Training & development 28 People on the move editorial Index | meetings 31 4 NovemBer/deCemBer 2009

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