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Business Strategies for Pharma/Bio Success MAY/JUNE 2011 Information Technology Brandcomm Sales Force Automation’s Latest Kick: Mobile and Touch-Display Applications A pronounced fascination with Apple Computer’s iPad is focusing sales-IT efforts on mobility and data access; meanwhile, online e-detailing offerings win more acceptance By Ann Roberts Brice Pity the overworked software developers of sales-force automation (SFA) systems. Having worked long hours to adapt their systems to last year’s hot trend—putting sales presentations on smartphones—they have now been forced to go into overdrive to prepare for this year’s new tools: the iPad and similar touch displays. Lost, somewhat, in the buzz over these new display and interactivity platforms is how the basic rep call on prescribers can be more effective in communicating the marketing message, and how, in an era of more tightly defined managed care plans, technology will change repping. In 2010, the top 40 companies had 75,278 sales reps, down 24.3% over the past five years, according to market analytCegedim’s iPad app features electronic ics provider SDI (Plymouth Meeting, PA). Interestingly, signature capture. although those companies represent some 90% or more of the overall market, the total number of rep sales calls has remained relatively unchanged (see tables). In fact, as the rep count dropped, individual access to physicians may have increased, said Melissa Leonhauser, SDI’s strategic marketing director, noting that “when field forces were at their highest, reps may have had to resort to dropping off samples, thereby lowering the physician visit counts.” Whether the wave of tablet PCs, iPhones and iPads – occurring during the same period as head count reductions—made company sales forces more productive, for a net positive effect on sales, is also open to speculation. The productivity issues will eventually sort themselves out, but current data shows that companies’ expenditures on detailing, excluding samples, have remained at a steady $12 billion annually. Expenditures for other promotional elements also remained relatively constant at $20 billion. continued on page 21 > Get Ready for EHRs as the Essential Communications Platform for Pharma Electronic health-record systems (EHRs) are bringing needed drug information to the point of care for prescribers By Edward Fotsch, MD, PDR Network The federal government is throwing a huge party, and pharma firms would be wise not to show up late! Oh the feds aren’t calling this a party—they rarely do. But how else could you describe a multibillion dollar outlay of federal dollars focused on the tiny sector of the economy known as electronic health records (EHRs) and the resultant intoxication of the Healthcare industry? Throw in a hefty waiver of Stark inurement laws that now allow hospitals to spend their money directly on referring physicians and you have the makings of a real hootenanny! Pharma regulatory and marketing types are on the guest list with seats at some of the best tables, but many haven’t shown up at the door—until now. continued on page 14 > Supply Chain | Logistics Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Market Is On its Way to $6 Billion Globally Pharmaceutical Commerce’s updated Biopharma Sourcebook estimates a 2009 market of $5.9 billion, heading to $6.9 billion in 2012 By Nicholas Basta Higher-than-average growth for specialty pharmaceuticals and vaccines, combined with heightened (and more expensive) regulatory requirements for pharma shipping worldwide, added up to a $5.9-billion global market for cold-chain logistics services in 2009, according to the 2nd edition of the Biopharma Cold Chain Sourcebook, published by Pharmaceutical Commerce. That was welcome news to many logistics companies who saw overall shipping activity (for all industries) plummet during the economic downturn of that year. continued on page 18 > Global Biopharma Sales ($Billions) MENDOTA, IL PERMIT 200 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID

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