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Contents 6 Editorial Under Construction Check out these recently announced or completed projects VOL. 6, NO. 3 7 Op-Ed 14 Brand Communications New Commercial Model: Fact Vs. Fiction Belief that today’s commercial model is ‘broken’ elicits a wide range of responses from industry Fixing the Disjointed World of Marketing Operations A supply chain perspective on marketing operations can reduce cost and complexity while improving results Get Ready for EHRs as the Essential Communications Platform for Pharma Electronic health-record systems (EHRs) are bringing needed drug information to the point of care for prescribers Founder and Editor in Chief Nicholas Basta, 718 282 6112, Contributing Editors Lena Anthony, Mike Faden, F.J. Quinn, Suzanne Shelley 17 Supply Chain / Logistics M ki Pa Making Pal Pallets a Supply Chain Asset Instead of a Unrecoverable Cost f an Recent pro product contamination incidents are highlighting od the import importance of having reliably clean pallets for ta warehousing and shipping warehousi in Biopharma Cold Chain Logistics Market Is On its Way to Biopharma $6 Billion Globally $ Pharmaceutical Commerce’s updated Biopharma P Ph Sourcebook estimates a 2009 market of $5.9 S So billion, heading to $6.9 billion in 2012 b bi DSC Logistics Creates a Health Care D Strategy Board S BDI Pharma Adds Reimbursement Resources to Its Specialty Distribution Service t Reverse-Logistics Provider Integrates New Software to Manage Recall Process Former CEO of Patheon Inc. Takes Over at Clinical Logistics Provider Marken 8 Top News IMS Institute calculates a $307.4B US market in 2010; forecasts a $1.1T global market by 2015 15 Generics claim 78% of f US market; prescriptions on ns dispensed were up slightly, but ightly, doctor visits declined in 2010 n Novartis, Somaxon Pharma and ha arma Catalent win 2010 Compliance om mpliance Packages of the Year a r awards Annual competition hig highlights ghlights the value of unit-dose packaging in medication adherence Google prepares for a possible $500-million penalty for illegal online pharmacy advertising, says WSJ Dispute with US DoJ highlights role of NABP’s Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program Quintiles survey finds ‘value in healthcare’ to have different meanings among stakeholders Cost dominates the payer and physician perspective, manufacturers look to outcomes, while patients see little value in outcomes Editorial Board Jeffrey Berkowitz, Walgreens Richard Carlson, Blue Fin Group Liz Coyle, IMS Health Adam Fein, Pembroke Consulting Rich Minoff, 1 Global Partners Mark Seitz, Eli Lilly & Co. Robert Zachow, Bracco Diagnostics Advertising Sales Senior Vice President and Publisher Clifford P. Tallman, Jr., 203 831 0771 New England Vince Cavaseno, 617 232 2000, Midwest David Gerchen, 314 878 3939, Southeast Cathy Williams, 703 587 7142, West Richard Ayer, 949 366 9089, Advertising Production Natalie Willis, 615 690 3424 21 Information Technology Sales Force Automation’s Latest Kick: Mobile and Touch-Display Applications A pronounced fascination with Apple Computer’s iPad is focusing sales-IT efforts on mobility and data access; meanwhile, online e-detailing offerings win more acceptance Circulation, Reprints and Administration Senior Vice President and General Manager David Soskin, 203 831 0711 11 Business / Finance 2011 Site Selection Report: For a Lucky Few, Biopharma Expansion a Reality Again Healthcare Commerce Media Corporation Pharmaceutical Commerce is published by Healthcare Commerce Media Corp. 85 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11218. 26 Legal/ Regulatory How REMS Affect Pharmaceutical Distribution Processes and Partners First-ever study of the impact of REMS on supply chains finds that collaboration is a critical requirement Editorial/Advertising Queries: 718 282 6112, or Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Send all subscription inquiries or requests to Subscriptions, Pharmaceutical Commerce, 151 Fairchild Avenue, Plainview, NY 11808-1709, tel: 800 437 7456. Fax: 516 908 3802 The management and editors of Pharmaceutical Commerce make every effort to publish accurate information. However, neither the management, editorial board, editors or reporters can be held liable for erroneous information. Opinions of Pharmaceutical Commerce columnists are their own, and do not necessarily represent those of employees or other contributors to Pharmaceutical Commerce. 27 Executive Development What Makes a Pharmaceutical Industry Leader? Personality assessments identify the traits that enable some pharma researchers to ascend to leadership roles in industry 31 Meetings and Editorial Index 4 May | June 2011

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