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Clinical Operations
Veeva expands its Vault Clinical offering to include investigator
document exchange
The TransCelerate consortium is an early adopter
For several years, Veeva Systems,
which started as a supplier of cloud-based
salesforce automation tools, has been
building out a cloud-based offering for
clinical research in life sciences. Now, that
Vault Clinical Suite is expanding to include
Vault SiteExchange, enabling clinical teams
and site investigators to consolidate study
document requests, workflows, notifications
and alerts in one place, and streamlining
interactions with study sponsors, clinical
research organizations (CROs) and others
involved in a study. Significantly, the clinical
team has full visibility into interactions
across multiple clinical trials; no need to
sign out of one trial portal and onto another
(as long as all these trials are themselves
available on SiteExchange).
Vault, as its name indicates, is an online
storehouse of information, organized in
alignment with the data-integrity, identity-

protection and verification requirements
of FDA-regulated research and healthcare
content. Jennifer Goldsmith, SVP at
Veeva, adds that SiteExchange provides a
standardized user interface for site teams;
the combination cuts the time spent
by investigators in logging onto and
interacting with data repositories, which
can be an impediment to successful trial
administration. SiteExchange readily
communicates to other Veeva Clinical Suite
applications (Vault EDC, Vault eSource,
Vault CTMS, Vault eTMF and Vault Study
Startup); some application program
interfacing is carried out to link to others'
Simultaneously w ith the product
announcement, Vee va says that the
TransCelerate Biopharma Inc. consortium
of biopharma companies (all of which
would be site sponsors) has agreed to

incorporate SiteExchange into its Shared
Investigator Platform, an initiative to
provide the industry with a centralized
platform that will be interoperable with
various clinical solutions, streamline
communications between investigators and
sponsors, and reduce redundant requests
during a trial. A preferential subscription
rate has been negotiated between Veeva
and TransCelerate, whereby TransCelerate
members (currently 18 major pharma
companies globally) can choose to use
the service. (Non-members can negotiate
directly with Veeva for the product.)
"Veeva is a proven technology innovator
and cloud leader with an excellent track
record in driving greater efficiency in
clinical operations," said Janice Chang,
SVP of global operations at TransCelerate,
in a statement. "The integration of Veeva
Vault SiteExchange w ith the Shared

Investigator Platform further simplifies site
administrative efforts, which is core to one
of our strategic priorities to improve site
TransCelerate was founded in 2012 to
address a variety of industry-wide issues
in R&D, specifically where a standardized
or shared approach would simplify R&D
processes across the board; it has successfully
tackled processes for sourcing comparator
drugs; shared toxicology data; templates
for trial reports and other concerns. Veeva
itself recently initiated another industry
consortium, Align Biopharma, to address
sign-on and identity-management processes
for clinical research communications. In
a neat bit of circularity, both Veeva and
TransCelerate recommend a sign-on system
offered by Exostar (although other sign-on
systems can be specified).

Information Technology
IntegriChain, PharmaMetrics pair up to broaden revenue
tracking in pharma transactions
Acquisition of PharmaMetrics adds payer analytics to IntegriChain's channel, pharmacy intelligence
Outsiders (or, in fact, customers)
of the pharmaceutical distribution and
dispensing businesses complain of how
opaque it is to price, profits and costs; in
fact, there's a lot of cloudiness inside the
pharma distribution business, with retail
pharmacies not clear on how they will be
reimbursed by payers, and payers not sure
of what rebates are being passed on to
them by PBMs, and manufacturers unsure
of whether they've accounted for their
costs properly when they file pricing data
to CMS. A popular way to at least identify
the goal from a pharma perspective, is to
perform a "gross to net" analysis, factoring
in distribution costs, rebates, after-the-fact
discounts and myriad other components
to (hopefully) arrive at an accurate picture
of a product's market and profitability.
Josh Halpern, EVP, sales and marketing,
at IntegriChain (Philadelphia, PA), asserts
that even with the increased data available
through current industry practices, there
remain "significant visibility gaps" in the

overall pharma-to-patient picture. And
with the acquisition of PharmaMetrics
(Fort Washington, PA), the company hopes
to fix those gaps.
IntegriChain had established itself first
as a source of analytics of manufacturerwholesaler (EDI) data, which tracking
product movement and revenue flows
between the two. More recently, it has
added data sources around pharmacy scrips
and medical claims, in order to provide
visibility farther down the supply chain.
Now, with PharmaMetrics, a dimension of
payer analytics comes in: PharmaMetrics,
nearly 20 years old, has made its way by
providing contract administration, and
government and commercial pricing
and rebating analysis for manufacturers.
Put it all together, as IntegriChain hopes
to do over the next 12 months, says
Halpern, and the company's clients will
have greater visibility and predictability in
their commercialization planning. In the
meantime, PharmaMetrics products and

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brand will continue to be supported for
"Many organizations now have
their patient access and trade functions
reporting up to one senior executive,"
concluded Bob Jansen, CEO of
Zensights, a market consulting firm, in a
statement. "IntegriChain's acquisition of
PharmaMetrics-ranked 'Best in Class' by
the pharmaceutical industry for Rebate
Processing and Contract Assessment
Analytics in the 2016 Zensight ratings-
will increase the value proposition that
IntegriChain brings to these leaders."
Both IntegriChain and PharmaMetrics
are privately held; no purchase price was
Advanced analytics
Just after the Phar maMetr ics
announcement, IntegriChain announced
expanded specialties analytic capabilities,
specifically for brand teams handling
mar ket access, patient suppor t and

o utcom e s re p or t i n g f rom s p e c i a l t y
pharmacies. The analytics package is
meant to address such problems as:
* I nc onsi stent pat ient-le ve l d at a -
Diagnostic analytics identify where and why
specialty pharmacies, brands and payers are
* Small patient cohorts - Stakeholders
relying on specialty data to inform day-today decisions receive data confidence alerts
when values are missing or outliers could
undermine actions
* Missing market context - Network
benchmarking provides market basket
comparative metrics for broader context
and the ability to diagnose brand, payer,
provider and/or category-wide issues
* Fragmented platforms - Integration
of distribution and retail pharmacy data
provides true visibility and analytics from
factory shipment through the patient

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