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Features ON THE COVER 16.\ MAMMOET The world’s leading heavy lifting and multimodal transport solution specialist, Mammoet, is on the move in the Americas. “Experienced exporters often use a combination of options.” -Charles Steilen, p.10 > TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S / / S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 16 THE front COLUMNS AND CONTRIBUTIONS FROM OUR EDITORS AND WRITERS 6.\ MILLIONAIRE MEGA TOYS Having the right amenities in your office can help you project an image as a forward-thinker or create a relaxed vibe. 8.\ POWER WORDS Using words more thoughtfully can yield better leadership for your business. Certain words have been stripped of their meaning, and it’s time to make them meaningful again. 10.\ MARKETING STRATEGY There are multiple options for those determined to break into exporting, and determining which strategy fits your business is one of the most important things you can do. 12.\ WISDOM ERA The business world moves too fast for wisdom to be contained within singular leaders, so perhaps it’s time to create wisdom teams. 30.\ SUPPLY CHAIN How the minerals you use in your supply chain impact conflicts worldwide is something to which you should pay close attention. 10 12 8 92.\ GLOBAL MERGERS Due diligence is crucial when considering cross-border mergers and acquisitions. 207.\ AD INDEX 208.\ LAST LOOK SMS Siemag begins to heat up as it develops technology for the production of lighter and stronger steel. 30 SPRING 2012 MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM 3 http://www.MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM

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Management Today - Spring 2012
Millionaire Mega Toys
Power Words
Marketing Strategy
Wisdom Era
Mid-America Real Estate Group
The HT Group
Supply Chain
Carvajal Empaques
Graham Partners
Carley Foundry
Cotter Bros. Corp.
SMS Siemag
Allied Alloys
Albiasa Corp.
Columbus McKinnon
4 Guys Fire Trucks
Metalcraft of Mayville
MMIC Global
Tom James
US Pole Inc.
Kaivac Cleaning
Playworld Systems
Global Mergers
ADA Environmental Solutions
Kalahari Resorts
Genghis Grill
NewMark Merrill Companies
Rose Pest Solutions
Westgate Resorts
Marquis Alliance Energy Group
Ross Video
Daniels Electronics
Chatters Canada Ltd.
Metro Paper Industries
Special Section: Aviation
Honolulu International Airport
Edwards Jet Center
Greenpoint Technologies
Special Section: Peru Focus
Zip-Pak South America
La Viga S.A.
Special Section: Top Home Builders
Gehan Homes
Ole South Properties
The Warmington Group
Forino Corp.
Special Section: Most Promising Companies
Virtual Instruments
RGB Networks
Salient Federal Solutions
Ad Index
Last Look

Management Today - Spring 2012