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“We continue to be innovative, without question.” -Rick Cochran, president and CEO M A N U FAC T U R I N G & E N G I N E E R I N G m +e // MMIC specializes in commercial and military/ disaster products, including MSUs, deployable shelters and other healthcare delivery facilities. > M O B I L E M E D I C A L I N T E R N AT I O N A L C O R P. Making a Difference PRESIDENT AND CEO RICK COCHRAN’S LEADERSHIP NOT ONLY HAS LED MMIC TO ENJOY FINANCIAL SUCCESS, BUT ALSO SAVE LIVES. BY A L A N D O R I C H veloped permanent bay surgery centers for hospitals. “It’s hard to build a surgery center,” he admits, noting that some hospitals did not have the volume of the patients to justify the expense. To solve this problem, Cochran de-----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] Mobile Medical International Corp. 2011 sales: More than $14.5 million Headquarters: St. Johnsbury, Vt. Employees: More than 50 Specialty: Mobile surgery units, deployable shelters and other healthcare delivery facilities -------------------------------------------------------------- signed a platform for a MSU that met the U.S. healthcare standards for flow and safety, and the American Institute of Architects’(now Facilities Guidelines Institute) guidelines for healthcare facilities. Two years later, he introduced his first MSU at Lackland Air Force base’s Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. Since then, MMIC has grown to have two distinct product lines. While its commercial product line serves such markets as hospital renovation, rural outreach, disaster readiness and international needs, its military line provides shelter products for the U.S. and foreign militaries, and the U.S. Department of Home- When there is a natural disaster, there are likely to be severe injuries. But what can be done when the disaster occurs in a location that is not near a hospital? Mobile Medical International Corp. (MMIC) has a solution to this problem, President and CEO Rick Cochran says. The St. Johnsbury, Vt.-based firm specializes in commercial and military/disaster products, including Mobile Surgery Units (MSUs), deployable shelters and other healthcare delivery facilities. Cochran founded MMIC in 1994 as a way to bring advanced care to underserved areas. Before starting the firm, Cochran de- SPRING 2012 MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM 73 http://www.MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM

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Management Today - Spring 2012
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Management Today - Spring 2012