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COVER STORY GE NEW MODE OF THINKING GE has embraced intermodal as an effective solution to its logistics needs. — By Chris Petersen Reliability and efficiency are the name of the game when it comes to transportation and logistics, especially when you’re talking about an operation as large as GE. -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] alize overnight – it has been the result of a GE gradual understanding of the economic and environmental benefits intermodal Headquarters: Fairfield, Conn. holds for the company. And, as many of the Employees: 300,000 key players in that journey explain, it is a Specialty: Transportation and logistics for GE’s process that continues today as GE and its global operations intermodal partners refine it and utilize In today’s economic environment, -------------------------------------------------------------- exciting new technologies that make inter- however, maintaining a reliable and effi- modal an even bigger benefit for GE. Along cient supply chain can be difficult no on risk and setting itself up for success for the way, the company aims to make a matter how big or small the company is. the foreseeable future. From an initiative strong case for intermodal as a solution to In the face of rising fuel costs, increasing started within the company’s lighting and many of the biggest challenges facing the environmental regulation and an unsta- appliances divisions, the gospel of inter- transportation and logistics sector today. ble trucking industry, developing ad- modal has spread throughout GE’s opera- vanced solutions for logistics is more tions, and Chadwick says it has the Significant Advantages important than ever. And advanced solu- potential to be a lasting solution to the The advantages intermodal has over tra- tions are what GE has been about since company’s transportation needs. ditional forms of transportation are mul- the days of Thomas Edison. GE has been undergoing a revolution of “We’ve found intermodal to be very re- tiple and substantial, GE has found. liable,” Chadwick says. “I think it Perhaps the most practical of these ad- sorts over the past few years as it has achieves most of the goals that we have vantages is that it provides the company turned increasingly to intermodal as a from a transportation standpoint.” GE’s with a clearer understanding of where its means of tightening its supply chain opera- intermodal efforts have been so success- products are during shipping and when tions and solving the transportation chal- ful, in fact, that Chadwick estimates in- they will arrive. Scott Floore, global lenges it faces today. Global Transportation termodal will either supplant or join transportation manager for GE Appli- Manager Mark Chadwick says that by col- truckload as its top mode of transporta- ances, says utilizing rail in conjunction laborating with rail industry partners such tion in the next three years. with truckload shipping makes for a as CSX Transportation, GE is cutting down 12 TLIMAGAZINE.COM FALL 2013 GE’s intermodal journey didn’t materi- much more predictable supply chain. http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013
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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013