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“It’s a great industry and we believe the future is very bright.” -John Rickoff, president TRUCKING& FREIGHTING Tracking Growth ADDITIONAL LOCOMOTIVES PREPARE LAKE STATE RAILWAY FOR ITS BUSY FUTURE THANKS TO GROWTH IN ITS CURRENT MARKET AND NEW PRODUCTS. > L A K E S TAT E R A I LWAY C O R P. BY J A N I C E H O P P E in tonnage over the next five years. The -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] Adding four locomotives to a cur- railway specializes in transporting com- Lake State Railway Corp. rent fleet of 19 that services only 290 modities such as grain, fertilizer, beans, miles of railway may seem excessive – sugar and other agricultural products. Headquarters: Saginaw, Mich. unless you are Lake State Railway Corp. More than 50 percent of the Michigan- Revenue: $20 million and expecting a boom in transporting based company’s traffic involves these Employees: 70 agriculture commodities. items, Rickoff explains. In addition to Specialty: Railway transport of commodities “We view ourselves as a granger rail- agricultural products, Lake State Railway -------------------------------------------------------------- road, one that significantly lives off mov- moves a variety of other products such as ing grain products to market,” says John chemicals, lumber, steel, cement, lime- each from CIT Rail. “We can pull more Rickoff, president and CEO. “One of the stone, coal and scrap metal. tonnage with the same, single locomotive most significant things going on is the expected growth in agricultural commodities.” Rickoff projects growth To stay ahead of the projected demand, versus our current four axle fleet” Rickoff the company is purchasing four six-axle lo- says. “We are buying more for expected comotives with 3,000 growth and improved fuel efficiency.” horsepower, // Private investment in rail infrastructure, equipment and facilities allows Lake State Railway to expand and consider additional acquisitions. FALL 2013 TLIMAGAZINE.COM 19 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013
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Distribution Centers
Fleet Efficiency
GE Transportation
Lake State Railway Corp.
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Ironhorse Resources
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Ace International Holdings Ltd.
Webtech Wireless Inc.
Downtime Fleet Management Services
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Zoresco Equipment Co.
Bowhead Transport Co. LLC
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Harley Marine Services
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Cutter Aviation
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
All Pro Freight Systems Inc.
Legacy Transportation Services
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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013