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“We have to look back to the rivers that were a major mode of transportation in the 1500s.” -Dean DeSantis, executive VP TRUCKING& FREIGHTING The Power of Three > H E R I TAG E E N V I RO N M E N TA L A STRATEGY FOR BULK MOVEMENT MATCHES THE RIGHT DELIVERY TO THE RIGHT MODE OF TRANSPORTATION. BY J A M I E M O RG A N Building a better bottom line isn’t just about getting revenue in, it’s also about reducing spending going out. So for companies that base their business around transporting, picking up new business only makes sense when the revenue coming in is greater than the investment going out. It’s simple mathematics but in a world of ever-increasing costs, // Trucking is still a large part of Heritage companies have to get a little more inno- Environmental’s business, but it expects rail vative so the numbers add up. and marine to play larger roles in the future. “One of our executives here says that when the company started, freight was two percent of the company’s overall may need to be transported out of state, could take on. However, the company em- cost,” says Dean DeSantis, executive vice creating a logistical puzzle where Her- barked on a project eight years ago that president of Heritage Environmental, a itage needs to figure out the lowest-cost has paid off dividends today. hazardous waste disposal company. means of transportation. Prior to 2005, “Looking over our 2012 record, the freight trucking was the main option, limiting the Working with the Railroad cost is rapidly approaching 25 percent of types of projects Heritage Environmental “In 2005, we kicked off a new department our costs. It’s getting very expensive.” called Strategic Project Group,” DeSantis -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] says. “We bought rail cars and intermodal tional company, operating a variety of dis- Heritage Environmental boxes. Today we operate 165 cars and posal sites, landfills and incinerators at 14 1,200 containers. We have a fairly size- U.S. locations and one location in Puerto Headquarters: Indianapolis able tank fleet to move bulk liquids by Rico. But depending on the type, waste Specialty: Waste disposal rail. Rail is typically 30 percent lower from a remediation project in one area -------------------------------------------------------------- than trucking costs.” Heritage Environmental is truly a na- FALL 2013 TLIMAGAZINE.COM 31 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013
Panama Canal
Distribution Centers
Fleet Efficiency
GE Transportation
Lake State Railway Corp.
LT Enterprises
Boasso America
Dee King Trucking
Heritage Environmental
Flower Transfer Logistics
Ironhorse Resources
Jim Palmer Trucking
Polaris Transport
Tennant Truck Lines
Ace International Holdings Ltd.
Webtech Wireless Inc.
Downtime Fleet Management Services
Motiv Power Systems
Waste Management
Zoresco Equipment Co.
Bowhead Transport Co. LLC
Harbour Link Container Services Inc.
Harley Marine Services
Air Transat Cargo
Cutter Aviation
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
All Pro Freight Systems Inc.
Legacy Transportation Services
Last Look

Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013