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TRUCKING& FREIGHTING isfied customers to maintain its growth. Thanks to the company’s dedication to its principles and quality service, Polaris continues to build strong relationships on both sides of the border. “We still have our first customer,” Cox says. Unique Model Since the company’s earliest days running freight between Toronto and Chicago, Polaris Transport has operated differently from most other LTL carriers. Although many carries would accumulate freight and only send out trucks as // Polaris Transport specializes in scheduled LTL required, Cox says Polaris’ trucks oper- transport of dry goods, working with a network ated “like a clock,” with trucks leaving its of regional carriers to serve all 50 states. facility at regular intervals, regardless of how much freight they carry. Cox says this allows the company to give cus- > P O L A R I S T R A N S P O RT Like Clockwork POLARIS TRANSPORT BELIEVES IN GETTING FREIGHT FROM CANADA TO THE UNITED STATES SO PRECISELY THAT YOU COULD SET YOUR WATCH TO IT. tomers a clear idea of when to expect their shipments and significantly reduces delays for them. “We operate more like a bus run,” he says. Cox says Polaris also exercises diligence when it comes to operating across the border. The company ensures that it has all of the documentation necessary to ship freight across the U.S./Canada bor- BY C H R I S P E T E R S E N the goal of establishing an LTL lane be- der, and the company’s head office termi- Considering how important timeli- tween the Toronto area and Chicago. In nal is fully bonded through Canadian ness is to LTL trucking, it’s surprising time, the solid reputation Polaris devel- customs. Additionally, a substantial por- how delays can often happen on purpose. oped with customers led to the addition tion of the company’s staff is dedicated to Many carriers, for example, will wait of another lane to the New York City area. handling nothing but customs issues. until a truck is fully loaded before send- Today, Polaris Transport specializes in ing it on its way. Some carriers consider scheduled LTL transport of dry goods be- freight being held up in customs as an op- tween Canada and the United States. The -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] portunity to charge customers more. company works with a network of U.S.- Polaris Transport That’s not the way Polaris Transport op- based regional carriers to provide service erates, and President Larry Cox says to all 50 states, Cox adds. 2012 revenue: $60 million that’s the reason why the company has Polaris has been able to grow despite In some cases, Cox says, carriers will Headquarters: Mississauga, Ontario become a leader in LTL freight between the fact that the company has no sales Employees: 200 Canada and the United States. force, Cox says. Instead, the company re- Specialty: LTL carrier lies on word-of-mouth from its many sat- -------------------------------------------------------------- Cox founded the company in 1994 with 40 TLIMAGAZINE.COM FALL 2013 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013
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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013