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SHIPPING& PORTS // MacMillan-Piper credits its long-standing success to its ability to consistently load product properly and on time. >MACMILLAN-PIPER Loading safe LARGE VOLUME, QUICK TURNAROUND SERVICE EQUALS SUCCESS FOR MACMILLAN-PIPER IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST MARKET. get everything loaded properly and on time. “We make sure things are loaded correctly because once they are loaded they have our name on them,” he says. “No matter the size of the customer, all receive the same high-quality service.” Diverse Commodities About 30 percent of MacMillan-Piper’s BY J E F F B O RG A R DT and 70 rail spots at its six facilities lo- volume is attributed to agricultural com- The ports of Seattle and Tacoma are cated at the two ports. MacMillan-Piper’s modities such as wheat, lentils, peas, corn busy places and transloader MacMillan- Seattle sites can unload 36 rail cars and gluten meal and soybeans. In fact, MacMil- Piper wouldn’t have it any other way. As load well more than 150 containers per lan-Piper says it is the largest agricultural the largest transloader and container day. The Tacoma facilities can unload transloader on the West Coast. freight station in the Pacific Northwest, more than 30 rail cars and load more than the 100-employee, $18 million company 100 containers per day. MacMillan-Piper -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] loads cargo such as agricultural com- also has 350,000 square feet of ware- MacMillan-Piper modities and industrial materials in con- house space at the two ports. tainers destined for ships en route to As a premier freight-moving company Revenues: $18 million on the West Coast, MacMillan-Piper has HQ: Seattle a long-standing reputation of success. Employees: 100 container shipments to the port docks The key, explains President Steve Stivala, Specialties: Transloading, trucking, warehousing from truck or rail with 170 truck doors is the company’s ability to consistently -------------------------------------------------------------- booming Asian markets. The Seattle-based company transfers 68 TLIMAGAZINE.COM FALL 2013 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013
Panama Canal
Distribution Centers
Fleet Efficiency
GE Transportation
Lake State Railway Corp.
LT Enterprises
Boasso America
Dee King Trucking
Heritage Environmental
Flower Transfer Logistics
Ironhorse Resources
Jim Palmer Trucking
Polaris Transport
Tennant Truck Lines
Ace International Holdings Ltd.
Webtech Wireless Inc.
Downtime Fleet Management Services
Motiv Power Systems
Waste Management
Zoresco Equipment Co.
Bowhead Transport Co. LLC
Harbour Link Container Services Inc.
Harley Marine Services
Air Transat Cargo
Cutter Aviation
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
All Pro Freight Systems Inc.
Legacy Transportation Services
Last Look

Transportation & Logistics International - Fall 2013