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TECHNOLOGY The Natural Leader > A L AG AS CO ALAGASCO HOPES TO EXTEND THE USE OF ITS NATURAL GAS TO VEHICLES FOR COMMERCIAL CLIENTS. Alagasco may have celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2012, but the company is far from stuck in the past. The natural gas distributor based in Alabama continues to push for innovative ways to serve its customers, including switching // Alagasco has delivered natural gas to to new technology to read meters and customers in Alabama since 1852, and today supplying fuel for natural gas vehicles serves more than 425,000 customers. (NGV) of all kinds throughout the state. Alagasco’s origins trace back to 1852 when the company – then known as Green-Hale gas system. In the ensuing 16 better services for its customers, and it Montgomery Gas Light Co. – provided years, the company added 23 municipal has earned numerous awards for its ef- street lighting for Alabama’s capital city. gas systems across the state, including forts, including the Presidential C-Flag Over the next 100 years through a series East Lauderdale to the north, Thomaston award from President Reagan for its Op- of relocations, mergers, acquisitions, di- to the south, Phenix City to the east and eration Assist Program. Through this vestitures and name changes, Alabama Linden to the west. Alagasco today oper- program, Alagasco hired 1,000 low-in- Gas Corp. was established in 1953 as a ates as a subsidiary of Energen Corp., come teenagers to weatherize the homes publicly traded company. which is based in Birmingham, Ala. of 10,000 low-income customers over the Today, Alagasco is the largest natural Alagasco constantly strives to provide course of six summers. gas distributor in Alabama, serving approximately 425,000 customers in more -----------------------------------------------[ P R O F I L E ] Automation in Motion than 200 Alabama cities, towns and com- Alagasco Alagasco is about to update its meters munities. The company employs more with automated meter reading (AMR) than 1,000 in offices throughout the state. Headquarters: Birmingham, Ala. technology. According to Alagasco, this Employees: More than 1,000 technology enables gas meters to be read began a municipal acquisitions program Specialty: Natural gas distribution from a vehicle or with a handheld device in 1985, starting with the purchase of the -------------------------------------------------------------- for accurate readings. The company soon According to the company, Alagasco 78 TLIMAGAZINE.COM WINTER 2013 http://www.TLIMAGAZINE.COM

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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013
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Supreme Group
Miller Felpax Corp.
Rio Grande Pacific Corp.
TNT Sales
Usher Transport Inc.
Triad Transport Inc.
Traylor Bros. Inc.
Fusion Logistics
GulfMark Energy Inc.
Mode Transportation
Oregon International Port of Coos Bay
Trailways Inc.
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Verizon Communications Inc.
Sears Holding Corp.
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Transportation & Logistics International - Winter 2013