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IK CHEESE Homemade burrata from Kesté Pizza & Vino New York, NY It's a Stretch FRESH MOZZARELLA SETS YOUR PIZZERIA APART By MELANIE WOLKOFF WACHSMAN Photos By JOSH KEOWN S cott Gittrich, president of Toppers Pizza, doesn't mind his work commute. That's because since 1998, Whitewater, Wisconsin-based Toppers Pizza, which has 70 locations across 11 states, has used a local cheese company as its primary supplier and manufacturer for its mozzarella. 4 2 / P I Z Z AT O D AY. C O M / J U LY 2 0 1 5 Located in Belgium, Wisconsin, the manufacturer receives milk from more than 130 local dairy farmers - the same farms Gittrich drives past. "When I hit the road I see the cows that are churning out the milk that ultimately becomes our cheese," he says. Toppers Pizza purchases an average of 40,000 pounds of mozzarella per week, with an excess of more than 160,000 pounds per month. "When I first got into the business, I didn't have the knowledge and understanding of the delicate balance involved in crafting the perfect cheese. So, I leaned on Jeff (Jeff Hiller, http://www.PIZZATODAY.COM

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Pizza Today - July 2015
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Pizza Today - July 2015