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product showcase Thr!ve Point-of-Sale Innovative and fully-featured, Thr!ve Tablet Point-of-Sale for iPad and Android transforms your restaurant into an efficient, flexible and connected business. Equally comfortable in one pizzeria to multi-unit operations, Thr!ve is powerful enough to meet your restaurant's needs - yet simple to own and use. Cash control, easy browser-based order taking, integrated delivery features, multi-store reporting, complete driver and server management, inventory, marketing and more make Thr!ve the right choice for your operation. Call (800) 750-3947 or visit for a demo! Galbani Fresh Mozzarella If there's one cheese that says "Italian," it's Fresh Mozzarella. Its approachable simplicity is what makes it so popular and easy to serve. Just as young wine allows fruit to shine, so our fior di latte Mozzarella makes a star of wholesome, magnificent milk. What it lacks in the complexity of aged cheeses it more than makes up for in its clean, milky flavor and classically soft, stretchy texture. Galbani - Italy's favorite cheese brand, now made in the USA. To learn more, call us at (877) 522-8254 or visit Univex Stone Hearth Pizza Dome Oven The Univex Stone Hearth Pizza Dome Oven is constructed of hand laid refractory bricks, multiple layers of insulation, and a hand cut refractory brick cooking deck. The refractory bricks are high alumina content and are hand cut and laid making sure each oven is perfect. The multiple layers of insulation (7 layers) prevent heat loss and have incredible heat retention. All of this adds up to an amazingly cost effective, handmade, incredibly well cooking oven. For more information, visit or call (800) 258-6358. Roma Zeppole For 60 years Roma has proudly been making authentic Italian foods available to Americans. Our new Roma Zeppole, a traditional Italian dessert consisting of light pillows of fried dough, comes frozen and individually scored. Just pull the Zeppole straight out of the freezer and fry. You'll have a delicious dessert in less than 2 minutes! Serve them as-is warm, rolled in cinnamon-sugar, topped with whipped cream, or fill them with sweetened ricotta cheese. To learn more, visit us today at Vantaggio D'oro Bellissimo Foods, a national network of Italian and Mediterranean food specialists, is proud to introduce Vantaggio D'oro premium mozzarella cheese. Delivering the best quality and value through superior flavor, uniform melt and excellent stretch, Vantaggio D'oro premium loaf is available exclusively through your local Bellissimo Foods Distributor. For more information, visit Easy ordering With iMenuToGo, customers can place orders, get discounts, save order history and contact you all at the click of a button. IMenuToGo offers full menu creation, in-app payment processing, coupons, a reservation booking feature, targeted e-mail marketing and detailed customer records and marketing material, among other perks. Increase efficiency, decrease order taking, eliminate errors and boost sales by giving customers easy access to menus and deals. Motivate and reward customers with a loyalty program and send targeted marketing emails to alert customers of special promotions. Apps are compatible with all smartphones. Visit or call (855) 303-6368. Imagine...18-percent more revenue. Done! Start increasing your revenue by 18% or more with an Online Ordering-enabled POS system from PDQ POS. Industry statistics show that checks from online ordering are 18% higher than phone/in-store orders. The result: more products sold more frequently to more people. Plus, online ordering saves on telephone staffing costs! Contact PDQ POS at (877)968-6430 or visit to begin saving more and earning more. Looking good Can you imagine never having to rotate pies again? How about a crust so crispy and delicious that your customers will be craving more? Marsal has completely reinvented the pizza oven, giving it the baking power of an old-fashioned brick oven with the ease of operation of your traditional gas-fired. The MB Series not only bakes the best, but looks the best. Find out more at or call (631) 226-6688. A P R I L 2 0 1 6 / P I Z Z AT O D AY. C O M / 6 5 http://www.PIZZATODAY.COM

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