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UniversityBusiness SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER E D U C AT I O N M A N AG E M E N T Meet Me Online Collaboration tools allow administrators to work together even if they can’t get together. 36 U FEBRUARY 2010 LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY How to increase enrollment, capacity, and revenues. 31 The charter school movement brings research institutions into the K-12 arena. 27 UNIVERSITIES GO TO SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS Study says minority groups prepared but rejected. 9 THE PRICE OF PRIDE Sports programs under fire. 12

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University Business - February 2010
Editor’s Note
Behind the News
Internet Technology
Independent Outlook
Universities Go to School
Leveraging Technology to Increase Enrollment, Capacity, and Revenues
Meet Me Online
College Index
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Advisory Board
What’s New
End Note

University Business - February 2010