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University-created charter schools allow for easy learning collaborations. Science students from Polytechnic Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona, for example, spent three days on a neighboring Arizona State University campus participating in the university’s Mars Imaging Project. Universities Go to School ver the past twO years, ArizonA State University has opened two new schools at its campuses in the phoenix area. But these educational additions are not training future social workers, lawyers, or business executives. They’ll be turning out qualified future college students, many of whom—asU officials hope—will populate the state’s universities years from now. asU has joined the growing ranks of large research institutions—Stanford; the University of California, San Diego; and The University of Chicago among them—that have extended their educational mission by creating local K-12 charter schools. The 250-student polytechnic elementary school began O By Ron Schachter Expanding missions and the charter school movement bring research institutions into the K-12 arena. ing in 2008 a mile away from asU’s campus in Mesa. It currently includes grades K-7. This past summer, asU launched the University public school in phoenix, which enrolls almost 750 students in grades pre-K-8. Both schools plan on adding another grade annually as they expand into the high school grades. “Given our intellectual and physical resources, we can be a player in the community,” says eugene Garcia, asU’s vice president for university-school partnerships. “we needed to roll up our sleeves and get involved.” Kimberly de los santos, associate vice president for university initiatives, adds that taking on K-12 schools refined a role her school was already playing. “asU produces more than half the teachers in arizona. we are responsible for the education those teachers are getting, and we didn’t feel like we were living up to the opportunity February 2010 | 27

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University Business - February 2010
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University Business - February 2010