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March feature ART: Screenshot from U of Puget Sound, Plain Black (an EduComm exhibitor), and MIT. Puget sound also sent a shot taken in a museum that shows you can update your website easily with a CMS from a remote location - I would suggest that as an opener image. PQ1: The strength of a content management system is more than just getting Barbara Weist at the University of Puget Sound can update the CMS live from the college’s natural history museum. Web Content Needs— By Vicki Powers Ross Mulhausen, University of Puget Sound S o lv e d Options abound for web content management systems—open source, commercial, even something in between. But the considerations need not be a mystery. Here’s what to know when making a choice. W ITh MoRE ThAn 2,000 ConTEnT MAnAgEMEnT SySTEMS (CMS) on the market, it’s no wonder college and university administrators are often confused when selecting an option to meet their web content needs. What’s better? A proprietary commercial CMS featuring support and maintenance from a vendor or an open-source CMS solution enabling web developers to customize code to their specific needs? In the last few years, this fragmented market has experienced consolidations with oracle, openText, and Autonomy acquiring prominent CMS vendors. Also, the lines are blurring a bit between open source and commercial options, and new organizations—such as Acquia network—are evolving as third-party vendors to support specific open-source CMS solutions like Drupal. “Content management systems are no longer siloed applications, but really part of the critical plumbing,” says Stephen Powers, lead analyst at Forrester Research. “We’ve seen web CMS go from a technology solution to a business solution.” According to the January 2009 Forrester report “Web Content Management Investment Continues Despite the Challenging Economic Climate,” the top driver March 2010 | 41

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University Business - March 2010
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University Business - March 2010