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UniversityBusiness SOLUTIONS FOR hIgheR e d U c aT I O N M a N ag e M e N T network support after dark Surprising campus helpdesk survey results 13 U 52 april 2012 spring 2012 HOnOrEEs state of the mobile web Are your mobile efforts on par with peer institutions? CAmpus FINANCE from buy-in to buying 403(b) audits Training and the e-procurement transition equation 46 institutions and their new roles as retirement plan sponsors 50 Record numbers respond to UB’s efficiency challenge. 28 5 years since virginia tech penn state aftermath Blowing the whistle on sports scandals 22 Continuing debate over concealed weapons on campus 42

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University Business - April 2012
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College Index
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Behind the News
Financial Aid
Independent Outlook
Models of Efficiency
Guns on Campus
Campus Finance
Internet Technology
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University Business - April 2012