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UniversityBusiness Con ten ts June 2012 online only Cover Story Articles 58 4G: Is It Time for an Upgrade? By DavID Geer Why institutions are beginning to make the switch to 4G. F e at u r e S 33 Special Section: Thinking Green eDITeD By KrISTeN DoMoNell • NeW: “College Partnerships With Private Developers: The advantages of using an outside developer for capital projects,” by Brian C. Mitchell. It’s no secret that colleges are using developers to construct student housing. a number of universities, particularly public institutions, are finding it advantageous to work with large real estate developers. However, the advantages of working with private developers go well beyond public universities and construction of student housing. • NeW: “Welcome to Diverse City,” by Tim Szymanowski. Search the website of any university that comes to mind and you are sure to find that university’s statement on diversity. While we applaud that general sentiment, if life was simply a matter of coming up with well-crafted statements of governance, then we are good to go. But regrettably, life isn’t that easy. • NeW: “Pinning Promotions on Pinterest,” by Dick Jones. Colleges and universities are rushing to use Pinterest, the fast-growing social media innovation. Some see it as a useful tool in recruiting, alumni relations, and community relations, while others remain uncertain of where Pinterest fits in their promotional mix. Mindset changes that make a difference. 64 Unified Security: all Together Now By THoMaS W. DUrSo Boost protection and limit liability with intelligent technologies. 71 Collaborative Workflow Smart tools to enhance process and increase productivity. By IGal HaUer CAmpus FINANCE 78 3 Student aid Myths By JUSTIN DraeGer How to debunk them. 77 82 4 | June 2012 Campus Finance News Deepening the Donor Pool 84 Keeping Tuition Within reach

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University Business - June 2012
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University Business - June 2012