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END NOTE More than a Numbers Game Don't just give students basic chunks of knowledge. They need greater motivation. By Tom Lee R tive, creative engineering skills. Done right, ECENTLY I HAD THE PLEA the teaching of such skills also makes the sure of being a judge at the national program more vibrant and motivational. FIRST For Inspiration and Recog- Today's schools can draw from an un- nition of Science and Technology robotics precedented range of tools and resources: competition in Atlanta. It casts the science new software technologies that streamline of robotics into a team sport and encourages knowledge delivery and remove archaic high schoolers to practice and learn about techniques from the curriculum; direct real science and engineering. Some 350 collaboration with working scientists and schools from around the world converged engineers; competitions such as FIRST, to pit their home-built robots against each American Solar Challenge, and the Put- other in a Jetson-esque basketball game. nam Mathematical Competition; and many There I was in the mighty Georgia Dome other known techniques that establish real surrounded by thousands of our brightest context and relevance to engineering. kids scrambling to reprogram a control al- When other teams have 10 times your gorithm or calibrate one thing or another. Simply getting kids to population, you have no choice but to focus Later, we heard U.S. Department of the engineering lecture on the quality of your people in addition to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and the quantity. Simply getting the kids to the Google founder Sergey Brin preaching on hall is not enough. engineering lecture hall is not enough. science and math education. I'm sure what Four hundred years ago, Gauss taught they had to say was important, but they calculus and differential equations at the Much of it is numbers driven. Simple were drowned out by the kids. Not in an University of G

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