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MARKETING Dear CMO A short letter from a college president to the school's chief marketing officer. By Robert A. Sevier This is the second in a two-column series. The first, published in May 2006, was an anonymous letter from a chief marketing officer to a college president. T H A N K YOU FOR YOUR recent letter. I do appreciate the thought that went into your com- ments and appreciate, too, the candor and sincerity with which they were presented. Like you, I want to make our marketing efforts as successful as possible. With that goal in mind, I would like to respond to some of your insights and offer some ob- I don't like surprises. One of your most important servations of my own. roles is to give me a heads-up about emerging issues. Your point about me being your spon- sor is an important one. I intuitively agree spent on marketing regardless of the Your comments about differentiation that this is a critical role for me. My chal- source mean fewer dollars spent on are helpful and timely. As you know, we lenge, and one that you need to under- academic programs. To help me make the are now working on our vision statement stand, is that while I am your sponsor, I am sometimes-political case for marketing, and we will soon begin to develop a new the sponsor of the other VPs as well. I will I would like you to prepare a brief that strategic plan. I agree that differentiation publicly support our marketing efforts. I looks at the following issues: is important but I have a question: How will run interference for you when neces-

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