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Diamond in the Mudd The many facets of Maria Klawe, Harvey Mudd College's new leader By Melissa Ezarik I T ' S A NEW DAY AT HARVEY MUDD. KNOWN FOR ITS FOCUS ON engineering, science, and mathematics education, the 700-student liberal arts school part of California's Claremont Colleges consortium has done well in realizing its vision of attracting the brightest students. And with about 1,600 ap- plications received each year, Admissions staff can be choosy when selecting each 175-student freshman class; about 90 percent of Mudd students were in the top 10 percent of their high school class. The school's quirky culture is likely as much of a draw as the academics. On campus, you see all sorts of crazy stuff, says Elaine Hart, a recent grad and immediate past presi- dent of the student body. There's the strong presence of unicyclists, for one; students have been known to unicycle the eight-mile route to a donut shop. During one walk through the quad, Hart recalls seeing a guy riding a bike with a giant parachute trailing behind, while up the pathway a bit there were a couple of sword fighters. Just another Mudder kind of day. With half a century behind it, Harvey Mudd College's focus is on tomorrow. Getting the next few years right is going to be important, not just for the near term but for the next 50 years, says Hal Van Ryswyk, a professor of Chemistry and the chair of faculty. Bill Mingst, associate chair of the Board of Trustees, notes that HMC was founded dur- ing the Sputnik era. Sputnik mobilized people to take a new vision, and I think globaliza- tion is mobilizing people today. Mudd needs someone to take the college to new levels of preeminence in undergraduate education, he adds. Maria Klawe, whose presidency at HMC began July 1, is considered more than up to the task. Mudd's first woman president, Klawe pronounced KLAH-vey realizes the importance of continuing the upsurge of women applicants to engineering and science programs, says 46 | July 2006 64 ddni.ewalK.M MP 10:00:3 60/12/6

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