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JULY 2008 UniversityBusiness SOLUTIONS FOR HIGHER E D U C AT I O N M A N AG E M E N T SECURITY OFFICERS SPEAK OUT On community ties, campus violence, guns, and more. 46 U A NEW DAY FOR NASFAA Speaking with Philip Day. 54 C A M P U S H E A LT H Students in Need, Schools at the Ready 35 ADVANCEMENT GOES DIGITAL Development offices are turning to CRM technologies to support fundraising goals. 51 SUSTAINABLE ADMISSIONS Why prospective students want your environmental records. 57

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University Business - July 2008
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Editor's Note
Behind the News
Money Matters
Financial Aid
Human Resources
Students in Need, Schools at the Ready
Security Officers Speak Out
Advancement Goes Digital
A New Day for NASFAA
Sustainable Admissions
What's New
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University Business - July 2008